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Several users use email functions, and there are times when these users come across the issue where this service might not work properly on outlook. This is an issue which any user might come across when they try to use ATT email using outlook. The users have the option of seeking advice from trained professionals by connecting with contact at&t technical support number. These services are available on a 24-hour basis and can be accessed completely free of cost.

How to fix the issue of email not working with Outlook?

The users can try and fix the issue of email not working with Outlook by undertaking some really simple steps. The process which needs to be taken up is as shown below:

Solution 1: Check the Antivirus software on your system

It has often been seen that third-party antivirus tools can cause issues. It would always be a great idea for the users to check the antivirus and ensure that it isn’t interfering with your application.

In the worst case, the only solution that you would have would be to uninstall the antivirus software from your system.

Solution 2: Use an IMAP instead of POP account

There are two types of email accounts, IMAP and POP. IMAP is a newer one among the two, and it offers certain additional features such as the ability to sync your emails across all devices. With the introduction of IMAP, the POP standard became outdated, and several email providers are moving away from the same.

Solution 3: Remove the email profile

If you find that your email isn’t working with outlook, then you can fix this issue by removing the email account and then recreating the same. Once you remove your profile files stored locally on your PC would also be removed, but at the same time, all your email messages would be preserved on the server.

To remove your profile, you would have to follow the given steps:

·        Access the File option, now move to the account settings and then to option of Manage Profiles.

·        Now click on the option of Show Profiles from where you can select your account and then get it removed.

Solution 4: Switch to Google DNS

There are certain instances where the malfunctioning of the is caused due to the DNS. However, the users often get the issue solved by switching to Google’s DNS.

The process which you would have to follow are:

·        The users can click on the network icon, which is on the Taskbar.

·        Now choose the change adapter option.

·        You would then get a list of all the network connections available on your PC.

·        Right-click on the network and choose properties.

·        Select the option of Internet Protocol Version 4 from the list and then click on the Properties button.

·        Finally, you would have to select the Use the following DNS server addresses and then enter as the preferred and as alternate DNS server.

·        Once you are done with all the said steps, click on OK to save the changes.

When the users come across any issue in solve the issue with email not working with Outlook, then at that point, you can contact att tech support number. Professionals at this service would ensure that the issue has been solved and that the users would not have to face the same issue again.

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