Asbestos Removal in Medicine Hat Before Demolition

Asbestos Removal in Medicine Hat Before Demolition

The purpose of this identification is to inform the client about the presence of asbestos in a building, which is dedicated to demolition. In case of a definite diagnosis, asbestos removal in Medicine Hat must precede the demolition. This mission also helps to prevent any risk of pollution of the neighborhood and the environment. Any building whose building permit was issued before July 1, 1997, is likely to contain asbestos.

All buildings subject to partial or total demolition are affected. As part of this mission, the entire building is impacted and must be fully diagnosed. The identification is carried out according to the order of list C of June 26, 2013, related to the decree of June 3, 2011. This control is the responsibility of the owner.

How is tracking of Asbestos Removal in Medicine Hat done?

It consists of an exhaustive indoor and outdoor tour of the premises to identify materials and products containing asbestos. The technician defines in the first place zones that he validates by-polls. Using samples, analyzed in the laboratory, he can conclude the presence or absence of asbestos. The identification can only be finalized after the total and final evacuation of the building and the removal of furniture so that the entire building is made accessible.

Possible conclusions of the Asbestos Removal in Medicine Hat report

For all types of asbestos tracking, there are only two possible conclusions:

• "It has been spotted materials or products containing asbestos."

• "No materials or products containing asbestos were found."

Apart from these two conclusions, the technicians of Axiom Environmental Solutions will indicate in a detailed manner why they cannot conclude the reservations that result in explaining the additional investigations, which have to be carried out to finalize the tracking of Asbestos Removal in Medicine Hat. Only the owner has the legal responsibility for the transmission to the various actors in the asbestos sector of the information needed to take an optimal account of the asbestos risk. 

What regulatory changes could reduce the risks associated with asbestos?

The asbestos diagnosis must be carried out before any work. The first point concerns the level of certification of asbestos removal companies, hence of subsection 3. The companies without accreditation are not entitled to carry out the work of Asbestos Removal in Medicine Hat. We believe that this certification must be reviewed according to the level of technical expertise of the companies and the processes used.

The second point of improvement concerns the harmonization of asbestos removal procedures. This profession is governed by regulations (labor, public health, environmental codes), but no standard rules of implementation have been introduced. For better control of risks, the establishment of technical regulations for the removal of asbestos is necessary. 

Tracking before construction and demolition is often complicated, so it is advisable to make sure that the firm chosen has the necessary skills and experience. Through the integrated training throughout the career, the technicians of Axiom Environmental Solutions receive training and maintenance skills. This allows them to use the latest risk-taking techniques for Asbestos Removal in Medicine Hat.

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