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Arlo has become the prominent symbol of security as it offers a wide of range of security options to the users to protect their offices and houses. Now if you want to set up Arlo wire-free cameras, you can do it on your own with little knowledge that you can get from this blog. Here you will get solutions to set up Arlo Wire-Free cameras using Arlo base stations and Arlo pro base stations. In case the Arlo Wire-free cameras are synced with Arlo pro base then the Arlo Wire-free cameras will be able to access the Arlo Pro base features and provide siren and USB local backup storage options. If you need proper information with the experts, you can contact at Arlo support phone number and get the easy solution with prominent support, but you should follow this blog first till the end and try to fix it on your own.


Steps to set up and sync Arlo Wire-Free cameras:

You will be amazed to know that the process is such easy that you can follow on your own without any help of an expert and easily sync Arlo Wire-Free cameras. Now without wasting any time further follow these steps:

·      You need to unlock the battery from the camera by carefully sliding and holding the latch

·      Push the battery door to back side then lift and open the battery box

·      Now put their batteries as their specific position mentioned in the box

·     Then take the camera form one to three feet to the base station

·     Now following these steps sync the camera:

·     In case you use an Arlo base station, you need to press the Sync button provided on the side or look at back to find that. You need to press and hold and button, and after 2-3 seconds you have to release it.

·     You should not keep pressing the button too long. Otherwise, it may block the sync process.

·     You have to wait until LED lit to green

·     Go to the top and press the sync button there for two seconds and release the button

·     You may get a blue LED that will confirm the sync process

·     If you get an amber LED then sync is not successful

·     Now check the camera LED that is lit on the base station

      The LED should be green that confirm the sync process is completed

·    Now you can repeat this process to each of the cameras to complete the setup

In case you need expert support to get the professional support and advice you should call at Arlo customer service phone number where you will be getting the most prominent solution with easy steps.

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