Are you using the right pillow for your sleeping style?

Since we spend approximately one-third of our lives on our beds, the bed pillow should not be overlooked as some of our pains and aches could be due to bad sleeping postures.

Every individual has a preferred sleeping position. It is important to choose a pillow that aligns perfectly with your sleeping position.

Whether you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper, it is crucial that your spine rests at a neutral angle.

What is the right type of pillow for back sleepers?

Back sleeping is quite common. Thus, finding the perfect back sleeper pillow should not be difficult as there is a wide range of pillows available.

While choosing a back support pillow, it is extremely important to lay emphasis on the support it provides your neck with. Sleeping without a pillow on your back can cause unnecessary strain on your neck as the neck then bends at a very unnatural and uncomfortable angle.

Memory foam and latex pillows are the best options for Back sleepers. They both are adequately firm and take shape according to the contour of your neck. This relieves any pressure from the back and aligns your spine in a manner that prevents backaches. However, people who frequently switch their sleeping positions should opt for latex pillows over memory foam as it takes lesser time to return to its natural shape.

What is the right type of pillow for stomach sleepers?

Stomach sleeping is less prevalent. Hence, it might be slightly difficult to find the perfect Pillow For Stomach Sleepers as there are not a lot of options available in the market. Stomach sleeping has a lot of benefits, however, stomach sleepers need to be cautious and ensure that the angle of their head does not cause any strain on the neck.

The perfect stomach sleeper pillow must have breathability. If an individual sleeps face down, airflow must not be cut short. Thus, the material should not be too thick or dense. Latex pillows, for instance, are too dense for some stomach sleepers. A Feather pillow can also be considered as a good stomach sleeping pillow as it is soft yet customizable according to an individual’s personal sleeping style. Since they are so malleable, they can be used as different forms of support during sleep. These pillows, combined with the best mattress for stomach sleepers can ensure a restful sleep.

What is the right type of pillow for side sleepers?

Side sleeping is the most common style of sleeping. Side Sleepers need to support their head and neck on the side and thus a thick, soft pillow is usually recommended.

If side sleepers do not use the right pillow, their neck can suffer strain and thus pain. Thus, the Best Pillow For Neck Pain Side Sleeper is one that holds the neck and helps it carry the weight of the head during sleep.

A feather pillow is soft and can be customized to be made into a thick pillow, according to the required loft by an individual. This will ensure that the head can sink into the pillow until a comfortable amount. However, a memory foam pillow will provide firmer support to the neck. The thickness and loft are thus one of the two main factors to consider while buying pillows as a side sleeper. 

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