Are natural remedies effective in vein problems - ask vein specialists?

Embarrassing spider veins are common to everyone these days. These are the miniature network of veins that are assembled on the surface of the legs and have the appearance of spider webs. The possibility of the development of spider veins occurs mostly on the legs, including the thighs and ankles.  Nobody is safe from the development of spider veins, however, the risk of spider veins is more in patients with a family history of vein disease.


Why do spider veins grow?


Usually, spider veins develop in a chain that might match a spider’s web that’s why it is referred to as spider veins. They may form in red or blue color in a stretched form that can be quite widespread in some cases.  Commonly, they are seen in the legs, particularly on the thighs and back side of the legs.


Natural Remedies to cure Spider Veins:


Surprisingly, most often patients consider natural remedies to cure spider veins. People can choose this option when the problem is not bigger. And if the ingredients used in the treatment are easily available. In addition, the cost of the treatment depends on the patient itself as they seek options of their own.


Common ingredients that are used to cure spider veins may include:


Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is considered to improve blood circulation and reduce the chances of formation of spider and varicose veins through this mechanism.  People can apply apple cider vinegar directly to the skin, however, it is acidic in nature, which can lead to skin irritation. Patients, who have sensitive skin should be attentive before using it. But it is not a scientifically proven treatment.


Herbal Supplements


Supplements are another well-known remedy for spider veins and multiple options are promoted.  Especially, horse chestnut has been used for anti-inflammatory effects and useful in decreased swelling, itching, and discomfort caused by spider veins.  Yet, chances are little less that you will see any change in the visual appearance of the veins.


Essential Oils


Essential oils can be considered an effective remedy for a wide range of health conditions, including spider and varicose veins. Since, essential oils are derived from plants, including flowers, herbs, or trees, and dosages are not well studied so, you should test them before using them in small, inconspicuous areas first.



What if Natural remedies do not work?


Most often, patients first try natural remedies to cure spider veins but when these are not enough to solve the problem, you need to see a vein doctor near me.

Due to the minimal effectiveness and short-lasting remedies, spider veins may return.  Specialists in vein clinic near me are well trained to evaluate your condition and develop a comprehensive plan to treat and prevent future spider veins.  This includes working with patients to enhance appropriate medical treatments such as sclerotherapy and minimally-invasive treatments for venous insufficiency.  Advanced treatments for venous insufficiency are incredibly effective and permanent to get you relieved from the symptoms when performed in the right hands.


In natural remedies, the available medications are unregulated and do not have a static ingredient list for direct comparison.  As such, it’s important to follow these treatments against the risks of side effects and other drug interactions with your vein specialist in a vein center.


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