App Like Uber Development and its Functionality

App Like Uber Development and its Functionality

Taxi app concept was developed by Uber, they work on a simple algorithm that is to connect the driver and the user together in one app. It has its wide chain, operating in more than 60+ countries worldwide. There are other ride-hailing big names as well like ola, lyft, curb, Grab, they have competed head-on with uber and have become popular among the people all around the world. Ride-hailing business demand is boosting worldwide, and the profit ratio is also very high. Potential businesses can fulfill this demand by coming up with advanced taxi services and taxi booking app like uber. If you are planning to launch your own taxi app, your business app can become the next uber clone app.

Basic Functionality of Uber Clone

Easy Signup and Login: Users can download your app from the play store or app store. The signup process is simple and blazing fast. You can log in with your email id or social media accounts like Facebook, twitter. 

Instant Notification: User can book a ride instantly by tapping the ride now button on the application, On ride confirmation app generates an instant notification for the users. Application is integrated with Apple Push notification.

Geographical Location Tracker: App comes with build-in google maps, and tracking system. Users can check vehicle real-time location. This function allows the user to pinpoint the pickup and drop point. App has a Geolocation API built in the backend.

Fast Communication: Uber clone app has a feature that allows users and drivers to communicate within the app. App come with firebase cloud messaging that allow effective communication.

Payment: It is the most essential function of the app. Payment made by the user should go through a secure gateway, These secure payments are possible with a Braintree solution. Application has all the advanced payment methods like Paypal, E-wallet, Credit/Debit card.


For this kind of on-demand development, it takes time and effort to build this application. It is recommended to find an app development company for such an application.

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