AOQUN Brushes for Escalators—You Can Receive the Goods within Five Days

AOQUN Brushes for Escalators—You Can Receive the Goods within Five Days

Mr.Zhang from an Escalator company of Suzhou, called us that they are in urgent need for 60 brushes for escalators. The requested deliver time is 1 week. Few brush suppliers in his local cities can take their order. His friends recommended AOQUN to him. Thinking that AOQUN is located in Guangdong, which is farther in distance and estimating the lead time may be longer, but Mr. Zhang still wanted to have a try with AOQUN.

When customer service Xiao Chen received Mr. Zhang’s calling, she patiently introduced our company to him. The first step is to confirm the brushes for escalators specifications, size, quantity. Xiao Chen skillfully used ERP system to check the inventory. AOQUN has a regular safe inventory to provide our guests with the fastest delivery and best service. At the same time, she confirmed with Production Planning Department about the time for production scheduling, learning that it is the peak season of production. This order had to be processed urgently. Xiao Chen immediately placed an urgent order to our workshop, which finally took about half an hour to confirm the order. Plus logistics time, it just took 5 days for Mr. Zhang to receive the goods.

Mr. Zhang gave us a thumbs up on WeChat. Who can supply you the Brushes for escalators in the fastest speed? It is definitely AOQUN Brush!

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