AOQUN Brush in Elevator do not Deform Easily Like the Transformer

AOQUN Brush in Elevator do not Deform Easily Like the Transformer


Mr. Kang of Malaysia called us last year and poured out: "The brush in elevator in my shopping mall has been replaced for one year or so. Now one-third of the filaments have deformed. They look so ugly." The passenger volume in the shopping mall is so large daily. If the problem isn't improved, I am afraid there will be some potential safety problems. In addition, when our customers noticed the brush in elevator, they will have a bad impression on us too! I saw your product on the LinkedIn and thought you must be able to help me solve the problem.”

After listening to Mr. Kang's request, we ensured to him that our brush in elevator can solve his problem. We showed Mr. Kang that AOQUN brush in elevator has passed 1 million times friction test without deforming. Nylon brush in elevator has a good flexibility and resilience, which makes it not easy to deform. We also offered samples to him for testing right away.

After receiving the sample after a week, Mr. Kang sent us a purchase order, telling us: "I think your samples are very good, I believe your brush in elevator can solve my problem." In the next year, when we contacted Mr. Kang, he said: "AOQUN brush in elevator quality is assured. There isn’t any deformation even being used for 1 year". And he gave us a five-star comment.

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