AOL mail does not sync properly with the mail app

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This issue of AOL mail not being able to sync properly with mail apps on the computer is a very routine problem. There have been many people who have lodged this complaint and are still continuing to have the same problem almost every day. There have been cases where the windows software can read all the folders of AOL but cannot perform the sync with the mail. A reason behind this sync failure is the fault in the server settings and also a problem with windows 10 update. The software seems to reject the sync. So to get rid of this problem once and for all, this blog has been created. It contains the steps that are vital in resolving the syncing issue of AOL mail with other mail apps. So keep reading this blog if you want to learn the steps. Or you can also get it by talking with the experts at login support number. This blog contains two solutions that you can try to get rid of the problem. One solution will require you to remove your AOL mail and adding it again. The other solution will be to check the server settings in the mail app. Let not waste too much time and get right into the troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1: remove your AOL mail and add it again.

Sometimes due to configuration errors, you will not be able to sync your AOL mail to your mail app. If your account details aren’t correct you might need to delete the app and add it again.

Either in the mail or calendar app on your computer, go to settings.

And under settings select ‘manage accounts’ and carry on clicking ‘delete an account’ and ‘select and delete the AOL account’ respectively.

Solution 2: inspect the server settings.

Go to the manage accounts section under settings and select the AOL account.

Click on the mailbox option and ensure the following settings. Your IMAP username must be ‘your username along with’. The incoming server ‘imapaolcom (port number 143 and for SSL 9930.

The SMTP outgoing server should be ‘ and the port number 587’.

The SMTP username and password should be ‘your username’ and the password will be the same one you used to log in to your windows mail app.

By practicing these methods on your computer, you will be able to sync the AOL mail to the mail app on your computer. If you run into any secondary problems or complications you can contact aol webmail login support number. 

Ref:- AOL mail does not sync properly with the mail app

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