An Offbeat Trip To Agra

An Offbeat Trip To Agra

Agra had always been one of my favorite cities for a weekendrngetaway. Easy to reach, not very crowded and holds so many beautiful monumentsrnwith impeccable architecture, Agra is also a very popular tourist destinationrnall across the globe.  From the wondrous Taj Mahal to the hustling streets, Agra never disappoints.

Visit to the Taj Mahal

There is probably no tourist who’s booked an Agra tour package and hasn’t visitedrnthe Taj Mahal. In my case, I have visited Taj Mahal several times, and thisrntime too. As soon as we reached Agra, our first stop was the Majestic Mausoleumrnbuilt by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal as a symbol of love andrnremembrance.  As we toured around thernbeautiful tomb, the tour guide told us all about the monument. Visiting TajrnMahal is always a surreal experience which is why millions of tourist visitrnthis beautiful architectural model every year, just like us.

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Bird-watching by the river

Earlier when we used to visit Agra, we didn’t know manyrnthings around the city but very recently discovered that just about 70rnkilometers from Agra city, there is a place very close to nature. We drove tornChambal River safari early in the morning to reach on time for the safari andrnto my surprise; the place was absolutely breathtaking. With over 200 species ofrnbirds, including Pacific Golden Plover,rnLong-billed Plover, Lesser Sand Plover, Small Pratincole, Pallas’s Gull,rnBlack-headed Gull, Gull, Brown-headed Gull, Black-bellied Tern, Western ReefrnEgret, Little Heron, Great White Pelican, Spot-billed Pelican, Black Stork,rnBlue Rock Thrush, Coppersmith Barbet, Black Redstart, Owl, Collared Scops owl,rnSarus Crane, Demoiselle Crane, Osprey, Red-headed Vulture and many more are inrnthe list. It is definitely a must-visit if you are a nature lover.

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Off-Roading To Fatehpur Sikri

While we were in Agra, we had plannedrna short off-road trip to Fatehpur Sikri before coming back to Delhi. Establishedrnby Mughal emperor Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri is built entirely with red sandstonernhas immaculate constructions. We visited the Buland Darwaza, therntomb of Salim Chishti, Jama Masjid, Birbal’s home, and the Diwan-e-Aam. It wasrnan exciting experience to explore these Mughal monuments of the bygone era.

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Splurged At The Local Markets

Whenever I’m travelling, there’s one thing that I neverrnforget to do and that is shopping! Agra has a wonderful local market where yourncan find delicious street food, souvenir shops, apparel shops, and other localrnstalls. One of my favorite markets is the Kinari Bazaar, a special wholesalernmarket similar to Chandni Chowk in Delhi. We shopped quite a lot before leavingrnfor home feeling completely satisfied.

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Savoring The Lip-Smacking Cuisine

Who doesn’t like a delicious meal after a long, tiring dayrnof excursion?  Well, Agra has a widernvariety of scrumptious food to tickle your taste buds. We couldn’t helprnresisting and devoured into the delectable Mughlai cuisine. Delicious chickenrntikkas and kebabs filled our hearts and stomachs.

Agra will always hold a special place in my heart; I havernbeen there with my friends, with distant relatives, with family and it has alwaysrnbeen a different experience. It’s a definite must-visit and a mesmerizingrnplace. 

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