Amazing advantages of cloud based network solutions

Choosing a cloud-based communication system can bring many beneficial results to your business. You may be looking for a hosted VoIP system, team collaboration software or a Unified Communications. Modern Cloud phone Systems ensure you amazing benefits to your business. Here we list out some main reasons why you should switch to a reliable and reasonable cloud-based system.



You will more freedom when choosing a cloud solution, for example Vonex NBN – you can choose where and how to work. Cloud based communication software offers great mobility, which means workers can access the phone network from any device. This also means that workers can access the office cloud communication network from remote locations like home office or while traveling. Most of the cloud phone service and Unified Communication providers offer mobile apps for smartphone and tablet devices. These solutions feature all of the phone network’s features and capabilities that allow workers to access the real-time communication from any device they choose.  




Excellent security

When using a network for communication, you should be aware of all potential risks ahead of time, and learn the ways to prevent them. All typical security threats can be easily prevented with the ideal security application. With a cloud based communication solution, you can ensure more security for your business than a typical phone system can. These services make use of different security measures like network security, data encryption, secured voice and videos and more. Hence, users can have peace of mind knowing their data is kept safe. Cloud communications host their servers and related tools in secure facilities behind lock and key.



Cloud technologies, such as Switch to NBN helps your workers to easily add phone lines, extensions and features. Admin can easily use their panel to configure their phone system. If your business is just growing or depends very much on seasonality, you can easily scale the phone lines or numbers at will and you don’t need to pay for more than the need. And, cloud communication services will help in configuration or deployment of new lines and features.



For any business, it is essential to have a reliable network that ensures the best uptime. A reliable and trustworthy service provider offers a Service Level Agreement with their services that inform customers about the quality and reliability of services they can expect from the service provider. Cloud communication services make use of modern technology and tools to ensure consistency, implementing measures like disaster recovery and fail safe methods for connectivity in all spaces.



Price is the most important element that all businesses consider while choosing a communication solution. When you compare cloud based solutions over on-premise or standard telephone options, the cloud system will come out on top. Most cloud solutions are priced on per user basis and offer unlimited local and long distance services. Besides these, some reliable providers offer metered or pay-as-you-go methods that allow users to pay only for the minutes they use. Cloud solutions also offer international calling and free on-network calling, which helps a lot to decreasing costs.c

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