Affordable Pharma Manufacturing Services

Affordable Pharma Manufacturing Services

Affordable Pharma Manufacturing Services -The Indian pharmaceutical sector is elevating the pharma organizations to set up a solid foundation in India. With the growing demand, companies are tapping into the opportunity with new formulations. But not every company have a manufacturing facility. Especially for small entrepreneurs. They seek  affordable pharma manufacturing services  to produce their products. Texas Therapeutics is one of the third party manufacturers which has helped many companies in the upliftment of their business. Our cost-effective solutions have made us a favorite choice in the market.

Texas Therapeutics is in the business since 2014 and operated from Panchkula, a neighbor city of Chandigarh. We provide services in 3rd party manufacturing and PCD franchise. Our brand products are well known in the market and are trusted by many. We own a manufacturing facility which is capable of large scale manufacturing. Texas Therapeutics is an  affordable pharma manufacturing services provider. We are a certified company, furthermore, the products are up to international standards. The company provides products as capsules, tablets, syrups, dry syrups, ointments, cream or gel, etc. These products are delivered timely with the best possible packaging techniques.

Third-Party Manufacturing or Contract Manufacturing Benefits

Third-party manufacturing is also known as contract manufacturing is the best way to start the business in the pharma sector as a pharmaceutical company. One can't dive into the business directly by investing capital in the manufacturing units. He needs to set up the market, then with time expand the business accordingly. These third-party manufacturers play an important role in such situations. Moreover, the contract manufacturer can come in handy in cases like:

  • If the product market is far from the companies manufacturing units, and shipping can inflate the cost, the company can give the contract to nearby third party manufacturers to avoid shipping expenses.
  • If the company have the product formulation, but not a manufacturing facility equipped enough to produce them, they can hire the capable third party.
  • Providing a third-party service can make the extra income of a production company. Even if they don't have products doing good in the market, there's always a source to make money.

Why Choose Texas Therapeutics?

Texas Therapeutics is a distinguished service provider of third party manufacturing. We have many clients who are more than satisfied with our services. With our rich experience, we have forged us to become the most efficient company in India. The reasons to choose us are:

  • Cost-Effective Solution for products. We continuously thrive to make our process better and better through technological advancements. As a result, the process is now economically optimized to achieve best a minimum cost.
  • The company has a vibrant history of product manufacturing. With our expertise, we make the most trustworthy products available in the market.
  • The company offers a wide range of products. Digestive Supplement, Urology Products, Fairness Formula, Gynecology Range, Anti-Anemia, Hepatology Supplements, Ayurvedic, Orthopedics Range, Liver- Health Tonics, Neurology Medicines, Cardiovascular Medicines, Anti-Diabetic, and many more products are made at our units.
  • The manufacturing units are hygienic. Along with it, they are eco-friendly.
  • We have labs which make sure that the products which we are manufacturing, the ingredients we are using comply with standards.


Texas Therapeutics have all the necessary certifications and approvals which are necessary to for a pharmaceutical company. We are an ISO Certified company with the DCGI approved product. Our products are manufactured in WHO:GMP certified manufacturing facilities. We follow all the state regulations and norms laid by the local and state government. We have our own set of Schedule M units.


At Texas Therapeutics, we believe in the honesty and transparent business. We don't overcharge for our services. We are the most affordable third party manufacturer service providers available in the market. If you are looking for best contract manufacturers, reach out to us to get the best service. Reach out to us at:
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