Advertisement on Placemats

Advertisement on placemats is becoming a common practice among modern day marketers. This is as businesses try any possible approach to convince the same customers into buying. Therefore, we see marketers going for the concept of advertisement on placemats. So, what is advertisement on placemats and how does it work?

Definition of Advertisement on Placemats

Placing Advertisement on Placemats

As the phrase suggests, advertisement on placemats refers to printing adverts on the placemat. A placemat is a small mat underneath a dining plate to protect the table from the heat of the plate and food. In that regard, every customer visiting the restaurant for dinner, breakfast, or even during lunch hour will use the placemats.

That creates an opportunity for the marketers to reach the customers through advertisements on placemats. Therefore, the advertiser will come up with an advertisement message, print the message on the placemats, and collaborate with a restaurant owner, who uses the placemats at every dinner table.  Customers walking into the restaurant will be attracted to the unusual but creative advertisement, and even interact with the advert more than once. Ultimately, the same customer will remember the advertisement even after leaving the restaurant.

For marketers, placing Advertisement on placemats is an effective approach of targeting customers. This is because following the discovery of Coronavirus vaccine, we see more people walking into restaurants to enjoy their favorite meals. Therefore, this is the best time for marketers to reach out to restaurant owners requesting for a chance to advertise through placemats.

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