Advantages Of Removing The Wisdom Teeth:

Wisdom Teeth usually emerge from the gums between 17 and 24 years of age. They are the last of the large molars in the back of your mouth. Some people never develop wisdom teeth, but you can have up to four: one in each corner of your mouth. For most people, the wisdom teeth do not cause any problems so it is not necessary to remove them. However, if there is not enough room for them to grow in the back of the mouth they become what are known as impacted or retained wisdom teeth and can cause pain, swelling and / or infection. Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery can relieve symptoms. Your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth.


By removing the wisdom teeth you get some advantages and disadvantages. In most cases the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages, so it will be appropriate to remove wisdom teeth.

The first advantage is the elimination of pain in cases where the wheel is half in-between and cannot continue to come out of its position. This circumstance gives rise to a pathology known as pericoronaritis that presents with inflammation and pain, and which is only solved definitively with the Wisdom Teeth Extraction In Houston. This already offers a strong reason for the patient to decide to undergo extraction of the wisdom tooth.

The risk of tooth decay or future infections in the wisdom tooth or neighboring teeth is eliminated. The position of wisdom teeth hinders proper hygiene, so dirt is retained that can lead to decay or bone loss in the wisdom tooth itself or, more seriously, in the neighboring tooth.

It eliminates the risk of the wisdom tooth developing cysts or causing reabsorption of the roots of the neighboring tooth. The included teeth, like the wisdom teeth, can give rise to cysts and reabsorption of the teeth that are in the mouth. It is therefore indicated to remove them, or if there is any reason not to do so they should be checked with annual x-rays at a trusted dental clinic.

Another important reason to extract a wisdom tooth is the fact that it prevents its bad growth from causing a deviation in the rest of the teeth. Therefore, not only is this wisdom tooth being acted upon, but on the health of the whole mouth in general.

These advantages explain that in many cases Wisdom Tooth Extraction is the best decision that can be made.

What Alternatives Are There?

Antibiotics may help treat an infection, but symptoms may appear again. Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery is often the only way to permanently relieve your symptoms.

What Is The Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth?

The procedure to remove your wisdom teeth will depend on how deeply impacted your molars are. Many wisdom teeth can simply be extracted like any other molar. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your dentist or oral surgeon will enlarge the alveolus (the area where the wheel is located) using an instrument called a lift or a pair of special forceps. Then move the wheel from side to side until it is loose enough to be removed completely.

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