Advantages of Dual Monitors in the Workplace

Advantages of Dual Monitors in the Workplace

Most office-based work is now carried out by staff using laptops and computers. Most employers are always looking at ways to maximise efficiency and productivity of their workforce. One simple way to do this is to move staff to a dual or multi-monitor setup. A dual or multi-monitor setup is where you have 2 or more screens operating from the same PC or laptop.

Can my pc or laptop support dual monitors?

 In the old days, some computers physically wouldn’t be able to support extra monitors but fortunately, that is not the case today. How many extra monitors you can add will depend on the number of available slots on your PC, laptop or docking station.

Is it difficult to install extra monitors?

Many people are surprised at how easy it is to set up an extra monitor. Adding an extra monitor doesn’t require extra software and in fact, the settings for a single monitor and multiple monitors are found in the same place. Adding a third monitor can be slightly more technical but your IT support company will be able to help you with this.

What is the best configuration for my monitors?

With a desktop PC, an extra monitor usually works best if the two monitors are placed close together, turned in at a slight angle. This allows your eyes to move easily from one screen to the other with the minimum of neck turning or twisting in your chair. Ideally, both monitors would be the same size, positioned at the same height and have the same screen resolution.

Laptop configuration

For employees who hot desk or who work in the office and remotely, a laptop with docking station and single or dual monitor setup is a good solution. In the office, the laptop can easily slot into the docking station and quickly connect to one or two larger monitors and any other peripheral equipment e.g. keyboard, mouse, printer. This allows a laptop to function like a desktop computer. It avoids the hassle of having to connect everything up each time the laptop is used in the office environment.

Advantages of dual monitors in the workplace

1.    Multiple studies on the effects of working with dual monitors have found that productivity increases by between 20% and 50%.

2.   Employees are able to multitask much more efficiently. They can keep their email open on one screen (keeping an eye on any incoming mail) whilst getting on with their work using the other screen.

3.   A lot of time can be saved by not needing to switch or toggle between windows. This is particularly useful for data entry type tasks where the information can be displayed on one screen and the form to be completed displayed on the other.

4.   Cutting and pasting from one document to another is more reliable when both documents are visible at the same time, resulting in fewer data errors.

5.   The extra ‘viewing space’ allows large amounts of information to be gathered and viewed at the same time

6.   Large spreadsheets can be spread over both screens so that they can be viewed in their entirety.

7.    Comparisons between products or images etc. is much easier, faster and reliable if both are able to be viewed side by side at the same time

8.   Video conferencing is much more flexible with dual screens. Participants can use the second screen to lookup important files and data that are needed without interrupting the call.

9.   Documents containing lots of information can be viewed on one screen and summarized quickly and easily on the other screen, reducing the risk of factual errors.

10.  Programmers can write code in one window and view the results by running the code in the other one.

If you are trying to improve productivity in your workplace, introducing dual monitors is definitely worth considering. They can speed up data entry tasks and enable many other tasks to be carried out more efficiently and with reduced errors. Dual monitors also improve the work experience for employees and it is hard to imagine anyone who has spent time working with dual monitors choosing to revert back to working on one. In the past the cost of purchasing extra monitors has been prohibitive but prices have come down a lot in recent years. They are now an affordable option for many businesses, both big and small. 

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