Lingual Arch is a fixed, passive and non-functional space maintaining appliance. It is widely used for anteroposterior tooth movement and arch perimeter distortion. It is basically an orthodontics device that connects two-molars in the upper and lower dental arches. The lower lingual arch includes an arch wire adjusted to the lingual side of the lower teeth.

 Lingual braces are used to cover the space between the crowded teeth, correcting bite problems, straighten crooked teeth, and close the gap between the teeth. There are majorly two kinds of lingual braces Harmony and SureSmile QT.


In harmony, a robot bent the wires to design the brackets of exact dimensions of teeth. In this procedure, the bonding of the teeth is done only once instead of one by one as done in traditional braces. It is majorly used to treat the most common tooth problem of overcrowding.

This treatment procedure is done in three phases:

In the first phase, during aligning and leveling, the passive clips are placed on the brace for reducing the friction.

In the second phase of the treatment, the passive clips are replaced by the interactive one which allows closing the space between the teeth.

In the third phase of the treatment, a fully active clip is inserted to help in the movements of the jaw in all directions.

Advantages of Lingual Braces

  1. These braces are not visible from outside.
  2. They are fixed accurately on each and every tooth.
  3. These braces also accommodate the jaw movements.
  4. Due to invisibility from outside, the stains present on the teeth can be hidden.
  5. In these braces, you need to change wires quickly as compared to traditional braces because these braces anchor themselves independently. Wires need to pre-form to fit perfectly onto the teeth.
  6. The self-ligating clips minimize the number of doctor visits because of their long-lasting brackets.
  7. It is easy to predict the results of the treatment because of the use of high-precision robots and manufacturing of self-ligating brackets.

Disadvantages of Lingual Braces

  1. These are not perfect for complex teeth issues.
  2. The adjusting time of these braces is very long.
  3. It affects the speech negatively because it takes time to get used to grazing the metal.
  4. These are much more expensive.
  5. The cleaning process is very difficult.
  6. These take a longer period of time to completely treat the teeth issues.

The installation and use of these braces are much easier because of the three-dimensional imaging and other treatment software. This is a popular and great choice for adults. But consult orthodontist before going for this treatment procedure. They will help you to get the best treatment suitable for your teeth issues. Most of the orthodontists suggest tongue crib for treating these teeth issues. But it totally depends upon your dental condition.

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