ADNOC p2.5 outdoor LED screen project by volkanoo at abhudhabi petrol station

ADNOC p2.5 outdoor LED screen project by volkanoo at abhudhabi petrol station

In a remarkable project in Abu Dhabi, Volkanoo, a renowned LED display solutions provider, successfully installed two significant Outdoor LED screens for ADNOC, the (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). ADNOC, a leading diversified energy group wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi Government, specializes in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. These two LED screens were strategically placed at an ADNOC petrol station, enhancing its visual appeal and engaging customers with captivating content. In Toady LED screens play a great role in visualizing a company’s services & product information providing the customer has better visuals even at long distances. LED screens enable them to create far larger displays and more dynamic visuals. The LED screen is used in many industries like shopping malls, retail stores, corporate lobbies, sports arenas, airports, theatres, restaurants, Conference halls, etc. LED screen acceptance increased in the current season.

Eye-catching ADNOC LED screen provided by the top LED screen supplier in Dubai.

LED screen in the petrol station

Volkanoo installed a significant outdoor LED screen for the respected Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in the heart of Abu Dhabi, home to awe-inspiring architecture and cutting-edge technology. Volkanoo designed this project with innovative technology that sets it unique from other LED screen projects. We designed two LED screens on a different model. This LED display featuring a p2.5 pixel pitch is used to build.

The technical power of the ADNOC LED screen which supports 4K and 8K video quality, brings viewers into a world of unprecedented clarity and realism. The capacity of the LED screen to produce ultra-high-definition graphics establishes new benchmarks in outdoor advertising, whether displaying promotional content, attractively compelling adverts, or engaging video footage. it is a main feature of LED Displays Video Quality is important to factor that customers can read the information at long distances with High quality resolution. high resolution reduces the skip rates of customer reading time.

Two Control systems are available for LED screens one is a pc connected to an Ethernet cable or LAN, other one is a PC, Pad, and mobile phone that can connect through wifi.16 GB internal storage is provided on these screens. Detail the technological capability of LED screen brightness adjustment in different lighting environments like day and night. ADNOC outdoor LED screen Blue, Red, and green color combinations are available, color can be changed due to which color is the best for the environment. These color enables each pixel to emit variable intensities of these fundamental colors, allowing for the display of an endless collection of colors. The LED screen can produce a wide range of bright shades by combining these fundamental colors in varied quantities.

Features of these screens

  1. full-screen display
  2. extensive viewing angle
  3. HD, 4K, and 8k video quality
  4. brightness adjustment

The LED display offers a horizontal viewing angle of 130 degrees and a vertical viewing angle of 140 degrees, providing a clear and comprehensive view from various perspectives. The hike vision module size used is 320*160, offering a precise and optimal display for enhanced vision and visual experience.

The LED screen technology make more creativity in visuals. volkanoo made experts in the field of supply and repair of LED screen in Dubai, UAE. Today more industries are adopting this technology to improve business advertising through LED Displays. Volkanoo uses high-quality LED screen materials to make LED screen displays. LED Technology is a long journey and we continue to innovate.

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