About the HA02 Battery Equalizer | Coventry Industries

About the HA02 Battery Equalizer | Coventry Industries

HA02 battery equalizer is used for the batteriesrnwhich are connected in series to keep the voltage of batteries are equal whenrnthe batteries are charging or discharging. When the batteries work in seriesrnconnection, the batteries voltage maybe will be not same due to the differencernof each cell chemical composition and temperature.

rnrnAnd each battery self discharge rate alsorndifferent. So even the batteries not work, their voltage of series batteriesrnwill be also different. These differences will cause battery lost balance, thisrnmeans maybe one battery is overloaded and the other is insufficiently charged.rnThe voltage difference will be increased with the battery repeatedrncharge-discharge process. This will result in premature failure of thernbatteries. Shop HA02 battery equalizer at Coventry Industries. Free shipping in the us.  Yournwill get an affordable price. 

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