Abort an unwanted pregnancy easily through Mifeprex

Abort an unwanted pregnancy easily through Mifeprex

Mifeprex is an anti-progesterone abortion pill which benefits in safe pregnancy termination. Progesterone is a hormone which benefits in the development of pregnancy, hence Mifeprex directly affects this particular hormone leading to the lifeless fetus. This abortion pill can be used to terminate a pregnancy which is 10 weeks older or lesser than that. You are suggested to buy abortion pill online because it is an FDA approved pill hence the safest option so far. You must also combine this medicine with another abortion pill that is Misoprostol because the combination of both the pills leads to successful abortion. You need to know the exact dosage and the mechanism of the product in order to experience a trouble-free and effective abortion. In very rare cases you will find women opting for a surgical abortion in the first trimester.

Description of Mifeprex

Mifeprex, being a primary abortion pill is also known as Mifepristone. The anti-progesterone abortion pill basically benefits from blocking the progesterone hormone. This hormone is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen to the embryo for growth purpose. To stop the pregnancy from further advancing it is important to stop progesterone from delivering the desired nutrients. This eventually leads the fetus to lose a life. The lifeless fetus, as well as the rest of its pregnancy sections, is supposed to be expelled which is done by Misoprostol. Misoprostol secondary abortion pill works by causing severe contractions in the womb, which brings the lifeless fetus out in the form of vaginal bleeding.

Dosage Pattern of Mifeprex

Women who buy Mifeprex online must also understand how the medicine functions. It is important to consume the 200mg tablet of Mifeprex orally with a glass full of water. Make sure not to chew, dissolve or break the tablet and ingest with water as it is. The next Misoprostol tablets, available in 200mcg dose each are required to be placed in both the cheek pouches. You need to place 2 pills on both the sides until dissolved completely. After about 30 minutes you can consume water and take in the leftovers of the pill. In very rare cases, women do not experience vaginal bleeding even after consuming Misoprostol. In that case, you can either repeat the dose after consulting the doctor only when the duration of pregnancy is 70 days or lesser or if the pregnancy duration crosses you will have to opt for a surgical abortion.


You must follow certain precautions in order to experience a trouble-free abortion process. Kindly follow the below-mentioned safety measures-

You must avoid consumption of alcohol also smoking a cigarette for about 2 weeks or until the abortion process ends. 
Women exceeding the age limit of 35 years need to speak to their doctor before opting for abortion. 
It takes a certain time to recover completely hence avoid practicing any activity which includes the lifting of heavy tools, exercising, heavy workout, etc.
After 14 days of abortion, you need to consult the doctor for an ultrasound. 

Possible Ill-effects

You might experience some of the side effects during the process of abortion. Some of these side effects are nausea, drowsiness, vomiting, severe womb contractions/ cramps, heavy bleeding, etc.

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