A Quick Guide on Parent & Grandparent Immigration

A Quick Guide on Parent & Grandparent Immigration

The government ofrndiverse countries understands the need for families to be together at allrntimes. Therefore, the need for parent and grandparent immigration is alsornhighly demanding across the people to reunite with their families in abroadrncountries. It has been approved by the immigration authorities of differentrncountries. You can hire the Best Immigration Consultant in Vadodara, Gujarat, to get morerninformation about this program.

But for now, thisrnarticle is all about giving you a clear insight into the necessity andrnprocedure of availing parent and grandparent immigration.   

Eligibility for getting Immigration

To become eligiblernfor the parent and grandparent immigration program, you need to takernconsideration for coming up to some specified criteria that include:

  • You need to be a permanentrn resident of the country where you want your parents or grandparents to shift.rn For instance, you need to be a permanent resident of Canada before you canrn request a Canada Migration Visa Agent in Haryana to get sponsorship for yourrn parents or grandparents.
  • You need to be at least 18rn years old to seek parents and grandparents sponsorship from a Canada,rn Australia, or USA Migration Consultant in Haryana.
  • You must already be residingrn in the country of which you are seeking immigration for your parents orrn grandparents.
  • You need to have a minimumrn specified income level as per the respective authorities. The Canada, USA,rn and Australia Immigration Consultant in Vadodara will guide you with the income level specifiedrn by the respective authorities to seamlessly apply for immigration.
  • You will have to sign anrn undertaking that will be proof that you would financially support yourrn parents or grandparents for the next 20 years. The time span can differrn based on different country rules and regulations.

These are therncriteria that you must fulfil to apply for parent and grandparent immigration.rnThis program is available not just for seeking permanent residence immigrationrnbut also for getting a visitor visa for a temporary time period. You can get inrntouch with a Canada Visitor & Tourist Visa Consultant in Haryana to get more info.

After you make surernthat all your criteria are fulfilled, you can go ahead and apply for yourrnparent and grandparent immigration. The professionals will help you in thernprocess.

The bottom line!

The professionalsrnare knowledgeable and skilled to help make the job easy for you. You cannotrnjust seek immigration for your parents or grandparents but also get a businessrnvisa to your desired country. For business consultation, reach out to Canada,rnUSA, or Australia Business Visa Consultant in Haryana for additionalrnhelp.


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