A Guide: When to Fertilize Kikuyugrass Based on Its Application

A Guide: When to Fertilize Kikuyugrass Based on Its Application

If you are looking to cover sports fields, high-trafficked areas, and even golf courses, Kikuyu grass should be at the top of your list. This is a very tough and hardy grass, making it ideal for areas that see a lot of foot traffic. Plus, it is a beautiful, green grass. This plant will become green early in the spring season and stay beautiful even into the late fall months.

Even better, this type of grass is extremely low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about excessive watering each day and regardless if it is planted in shaded or sunny areas, it can still thrive. However, while Kikuyu grass is low maintenance, it still requires some care and maintenance to ensure it looks its best throughout the entire year.

Growing This Grass

When planting this type of grass, it all begins with the right seeds company. This will give your grass the best start and ensure you have high-quality seeds from the very beginning. Experts will also be available to answer any of your questions to give your plants the best start.

You want to sow these seeds in the spring and summer months. When sowing the seeds, it is ideal to drill them in, rather than spread them around. Frequent watering is also necessary as this helps the seeds sprout and grow. You will notice germination within a few weeks. Once the seeds have sprouted, the growth process can quickly accelerate and you will enjoy the beautiful, green grass in little time.

Fertilizing this Grass

However, to ensure your Kikuyugrass grows well and is beautiful, you can’t simply water it — you must also fertilize it. Ideally, when you fertilize this grass, you want to apply the fertilizer three times during the growing season. This means the best time to fertilize is every other month. This gives the grass time to grow well, and it produces turf that is more tolerant to high traffic.

However, you can choose to apply smaller dosages of fertilizer to this grass each month throughout the spring and summer months. While this will still ensure the grass has all the nutrients and minerals it needs, this is best if there is not a lot of traffic on the grass. Too much traffic with these lower dosages of fertilizer will produce poor quality grass that won’t have the beauty nor the strength that you desire.

If you have any questions about sowing and fertilizing Kikuyugrass, talk to a professional at grass seed companies. These experts can ensure you have all the information you need and make the best decisions regarding the care and maintenance of this high-trafficked turf.

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