A Discourse on the History of Motor Homes and Its Role Today

A Discourse on the History of Motor Homes and Its Role Today

Motor homes were basically wagons that were built with the sole purpose of helping people live in them. Their use was not supposed to be limited to carrying goods and people as it were. They came into being in France during 1810. Circus performers and showmen used them in the Great Britain from the onset of the decade of 1820s. Romans, which are known for living in these caravans, did not start to use them before 1850. 

The history of covered wagons

These days, it is easier to find campervans for sale in Perth. However, back in the latter half of the eighteenth century it was these caravans that ruled the roost. If a wagon happened to be well set-up its occupants could find plenty of room to live in. It was also a major way of transportation for almost all of these settlers. In addition to this, people were also able to move their equipment and supplies around.

The origin of motor homes 

The motor homes as such debuted in 1910 and the credit in this case goes to a company named Pierce-Arrow. The first model that was introduced in this regard was named Touring Landau and the introduction came about at the Madison Square Garden auto show. This particular vehicle was built keeping the campers in mind. There were cargo compartments that were meant to be used for the purpose of camping and carrying equipment around. It had a toilet on-board as well.

The recreational vehicle

You can easily find motorhomes for sale Perth. The next logical step in this regard would have been the recreational vehicles (RVs) and that is what happened. By the 1920s these cars were being used widely in the USA. All across the country were set up camping clubs for the owners of these vehicles. These clubs worked and grew well in spite of the limited nature of the camping facilities as well as the roads that had not been paved. 
The first motor home in Australia was built during 1929.

Motor homes in Australia

The first ever motor home that was built in Australia can now be seen at the Goolwa Museum, where the vehicle has been restored partially. Both the Australian National Motor Museum and the National Museum of Australia have officially recognized it to be the first ever modernized caravan in this country. 

It was in the 1920s that panel trucks and buses started to be converted into these vehicles for the purpose of camping by manufacturers and individual builders. These house cars were patterned in the image of vehicles such as airplanes, boats, and buses.  

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