A Better option for beeswax wraps for better Solutions

A Better option for beeswax wraps for better Solutions

Forget the plastic food wrap! Switch to reusable Beeswrap packaging! Wrap your sandwiches, started fruit and vegetables or simply cover your dishes as you would with plastic wrap. It will freeze around the support with the warmth of your hands. Thanks to beeswax, our packaging preserves your food without altering the taste. The advantage of the roll: Cut to measure according to your wishes and needs!


·        Coton certified GOTS (Global organic textile standard).

·        Beeswax: for its antibacterial and waterproof action. Pine resin: so that the fabric adheres well to the support (dish, vegetable or other) Jojoba oil so that the process remains local 


With cold water (especially not hot!) And soap, preferably natural such as green soap. Rinse, then place it as it is on the dish rack. Do not twist, at the risk of damaging it.

Never expose it to a heat source, this will damage the wax. If you respect these principles, your packaging will be reusable up to 60 times or more!

Then, when you feel that the coating is completely gone (the cotton becomes as flexible as a normal fabric), you just have to rewire it!

Alternative to disposable packaging or a bad idea

The beeswax wraps, this waxed fabric packaging, is a figurehead in the list of zero waste items that you need to have to get into the process. There isn’t zero waste items on my list that are useless, but do you really have to have them? How to make it? Where to buy it if you don't want to have time to do it yourself?

What is a bee’s wrap?

From the English “bee” meaning bee and “wrap” packaging, it is therefore a packaging made of fabric coated with beeswax. Available in different sizes and colors, it replaces stretch film and aluminum, adding cheerfulness to our kitchens and packed lunches. It is therefore used to package food for storage or transport. On the other hand, it will not place the aluminum for your baked curls because the wax would melt in the process and you do not even want to see the state of the fabric at the end of cooking.

What are the bees wrap for

We can therefore use it for:

·        Cover dishes, salad bowls,bowls that go in the fridge (between us, a plate on a salad bowl or a bowl also does the trick)

·        Pack food directly: fruits, cut vegetables

·        Wrap a sandwich, the children's snack (explaining to them that they have to take it home).

Restriction of use

It is often inadvisable to pack raw meat or fish because it cannot be cleaned at a temperature high enough to guarantee perfect hygiene for this type of product.

Besides, how do you clean a bee’s wrap?

Just run it under cold or slightly lukewarm water to remove food scraps and other crumbs. A little sponge or brush and it are done. Then let it dry before folding it and storing it for future use. Do not run it under hot water which will melt the wax and drastically reduce the life of your packaging.

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