9 Handy Tips for Buying a Quality Second-Hand Motorhome

9 Handy Tips for Buying a Quality Second-Hand Motorhome

Buying a new motorhome is expensive and an extra luxury you invest for enjoying your holidays or weekends with your family or friends, embarking on your adventure trips. So why not save substantial money by finding a nearly new motorhome (used motorhome) that fulfils your needs than buying a brand-new model.

Though a motorhome doesn’t depreciate as much as a car, yet they depreciate. So you can save good money when you buy a 3-year old motorhome, instead of, buying a brand-new model of the same manufacturer.

Where to Buy From?

If you want to buy a quality second-hand motorhome and enjoy a hassle-free buying experience, then you can safely buy from dealerships or at a show (only dealers have the capability to conduct outdoor motorhome shows). So when you buy straight from used motorhome dealers, you’ll get options for warranty plus a contact, to whom, you can reach out if you find any issues with the second-hand motorhome you bought.

You can also buy from a private seller and save more than buying the same model from a dealership; however, you can’t reach out to a private seller once you’ve made the payment. So it’s riskier to buy from private sources.

When you buy from a trusted dealer, you don’t have to take the pains to check; however, if you want to get complete peace of mind, you can use the 9 handy tips listed below to ensure the quality of the used motorhome:

  1. Smell – If you can smell a stale-odour, it’s a clear sign of dampness in a motorhome.

  2. Evaluate the thickness of the aluminium and build quality by pressing against the side of a motorhome.

  3. Watch out for sticker application in odd places that could be covering something suspicious.

  4. Closely look along the sides for dents or scratches and look more closely for any sealant application and observe the overall build quality.

  5. Ensure the payload is adequate for your needs: Request a trip to a weighbridge to make certain you’re not being tricked into.

  6. A bouncy feel can mean floor is flaking, which is repairable but expensive.

  7. Request for a test drive and ride the motorhome to bumpier or uneven roads.

  8. Try negotiating by discussing issues that you may have uncovered to justify the deal.

  9. If you’re buying from a dealership, check out what other dealers are offering for the warranty, to find out if you’re getting the best value for your purchase.

Final Words

When you want to buy a new or used motorhome, it’s vital to know your needs first and accordingly choose the right motorhome.

Give some serious thought to buying a second-hand motorhome for sale, as you’ll be paying only for the value after deducting the depreciation. Moreover, it’s a clever way to let someone else take the hit on depreciation!

Above all, price is the single biggest benefit you get when buying a used motorhome from reputed dealers near you. If you choose smart enough, you may get a used motorhome equipped with all the extra features.

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