9 Best Ways of Adding Pumpkin Seeds to Your Everyday Meal

Pumpkins are really interesting. You can carve them, roast them, make a pie or make an Indian spicy dish. One of their best attributes which are often overlooked is their seeds. There are loads of recipe where you can put the seeds or just simply create a snack that is highly healthy for your body.

The variations and possibilities are endless. There is seasoning, taco seasoning, ranching and so much more adding flavour to the recipe. Besides the great taste comes the nutrition value. They are high in protein and have a great source of magnesium, zinc and calcium. It also has the presence of healthy fats.

We have brought to you 9 best ways of using pumpkin seeds in your recipe -

Topping Your Salad

Why not add some crush to your salad. You might like green leafy salads or just good fruit salad. Adding pumpkin seeds are a win-win thing. They add the perfect texture and flashes a delicious nutty flavour. As much as salad is highly healthy for you, pumpkin seeds enhanced your heart and liver health.

Add to your smoothie

One of the best ways of gaining all the best health benefits of pumpkin seeds is by using the raw ones. There are easily available everywhere. You can use it or blend it in any type of smoothie. But make sure you do not put that much else the taste will not be too good for you. You can better try out with banana smoothie, mix fruits and so on. Use it as a pinch in the smoothie. You can either grind or eat it raw. One of the best ways is to roast them to add a great flavour.

Making Bread

You can also introduce Pumpkin Seeds Recipe to your favourite bread. Rather than using seeds or nuts, one of the best ways to add that punchy flavour is by adding pumpkin seeds. Even if you purchase multi-grain bread, you will be able to view those seeds. It bores great results.

Use it in Pesto

Obviously, if you are a health-conscious person, you will be in love with pestos. There are different creatives pesto dishes which you will find on restaurant menus. Whole food offers its thumbs up with pumpkin seeds, cilantro and garlic. Sprinkle it on sandwiches. Roast them with cinnamon, eat it with a spoon. No one is going to judge you.

Healthy Snack

Rather than munching on junk food, you can try something healthy and sweet. Just like you have salted butter popcorn, you can much on some roasted salty butter pumpkin seeds. Just roast all the ingredients together till they are golden brown and you are good to go. In place of salt, you can also add powdered sugar and cinnamon to add sweet flavour to it.

Making soups pretty

Tomato soup or pumpkin soups, there is always a different taste to it. To make it even more special, you can add roasted pumpkin seeds to it. It adds a sophisticated element to your presentation as well as a bit of crunch in your hot smoothie.

Adding it to your cheese platter

Welcome the winters with cheese and fruit platter. Add it to the bonanza is with the pumpkin seeds. Serve it with pears, peaches, dried apricots and figs.

Making Cookies

Cookie doughs are easily available in the market. To add that nuttiness to your cookies make use of the pumpkin seeds. You can also add other dry fruits or chocolate to create the blend.

Breakfast bonanza

You can have a healthy and scrumptious breakfast. Sprinkle the seeds in your cereal or on your yoghurt and you are good to go. If you have pancakes for your breakfast, you can use the seeds in the batter as well. 

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