8 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Join A Boot Camp For Women

8 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Join A Boot Camp For Women

Do you think a boot camp is not for you? Maybe you think you aren't fit enough or it is just for men. Think again!

Here is why we think all women should join an outdoor boot camp.

What Is A Boot Camp?

It sounds a bit scary especially if you haven’t done any exercise classes for a while or are feeling a bit unfit.  If you look in the dictionary usually the first definition will be ‘a place for training soldiers’.

However, there are various types of boot camps for civilians that are held in parks all over the UK. Some do advertise as military-style fitness and often are run by soldiers or ex-soldiers. You may like the sound of this knowing that it will make you work hard however, many other companies and personal trainers run outdoor fitness classes that have similar exercises as a military boot camp but are more fun based, supportive and encouraging.

8 Reasons Women Should Join An Outdoor Boot Camp

  1. Training with a group of similar minded people will help you stick at it and not give up.

  2. You will burn more calories exercising outside due to wind resistance and the changing terrain.

  3. There is no scientific proof, as yet but researchers say that people who go outside every day into a green space, either for a walk or to exercise seem to have a healthier immune system than those that don't.

  4. Building up your immune system and not sitting inside all day close to other humans can reduce your chances of catching common winter colds.

  5. Taking part in a boot camp will increase endorphins that make us feel good and also help reduce stress.

  6. By attending a boot camp regularly, you will become fitter and healthier. This will also help you lose weight or become more toned.

  7. Booking a course of boot camp sessions is a good way to make you stick at it and not give up the first day you are tired or the weather is bad.

  8. Rather than scary, the right boot camp such as the fitandhappy boot camps will be supportive, lots of fun and help you build confidence. 

Look around and find the right type of boot camp for you. There are women only boot camps available in many cities. Many women attending our fitandhappy boot camp have found they make new friends, get fitter and laugh a lot every session. All great reasons for giving a boot camp a try. 

 Currently, the fitandhappy boot camps for women are held in parks throughout Edinburgh.  You can choose classes in The Meadows, Victoria Park, Ravelston Park or Spylaw Park

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