7 Really simple tips to manage your files and folders when moving

7 Really simple tips to manage your files and folders when moving

Moving an office is a demanding and very responsible job. That’s why it’s best to hire a moving company that will make sure all your furniture and files come safely to the next office location. Still, there are some things that movers can’t do for you – managing your files. So it's very important to plan everything nicely in advance so you don’t forget anything. Surely you can rely on a moving company to move your files, but who is going to sort them out? To save you from a headache, here are our 7 really simple tips to manage your files and folders when moving – stress-free!

Get rid of files that no longer serve you

Before you start to move an office, take a couple of days to categorize all of your files and folders. Yes, you have been putting this dreadful job away from years... But now the time has finally come to sort everything out. And yes, it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. Depending on your scope of work, start by sorting things by years or months and create a clear timeline. The good news is that you may need to sort out your files, but seasoned professionals can help you move your business. Also, get rid of any extra papers and files that no longer have any purpose.

What is important and what is less important

Do you know what are the most important and most needed documents in the office? It is crucial to separate the files and folders that you need immediately after moving to start your business. Think about what you need right away and which files can be packed in the back. Of course, pack every folder into boxes that will be clearly marked. In this way, you will easily find your documents when you move to a new office. Besides this, maybe it’s also time to consider hiring someone that can help you with your business files. There are at least five benefits of using outsourced bookkeeping services. Get to know them to make your life easier.

Packaging is the key

Offices often have a lot of documents folded into folders. Before transportation, it will be good to pack them properly into larger boxes. And sometimes you may need special boxes to manage your files and folders when moving. Of course, depending on the files, you may need a different kind of transportation. Also, techniques for packaging are different for different items.

Just think about loading and unloading your computer equipment, or copier appliances and other machines whose size can vary greatly. Of course, your equipment may be specific and require special procedures when moving. That’s why it is crucial to call someone who knows how to move things in a proper way. And Orange Movers Miami can help you out. They have all the latest moving equipment and knowledge to safely and swiftly move almost anything. Their goal is to provide various customized solutions to fit your needs. They can also help you take care of even the finest details.

Dimensions are important to manage your files and folders when moving

Once you have your files sorted out, what else do you need to easily and quickly move folders and documents? Well, you need a detailed plan. And it starts with measurements. Do you know the dimensions of your new offices? This is very important because the new layout of your old office depends on the dimensions and the size of the new place. It may happen that the existing furniture and office equipment cannot fit into the new space in the same way as they did in the old one. For this reason, be sure to measure the dimensions and require that you have exact measures for this new place. Also, check where you will put the shelves and measure walls correctly.

Put everything in its place

Once you have the dimensions of the new office, do you have a plan where you will put what? We recommend that you first draw a new layout on paper. This will require a bit of your time and patience, but it will save you time when the day of the move comes. This can also help the movers. If you have already drawn up a plan, they will only enter and install things where you planned. In this way, you will save time and there will not be any on-the-spot arrangements. If something is extra, or you may run out of time to move, think about renting storage. This can help you out during moving, so look what to pay attention to when renting storage. You need all the help you can get to manage your files and folders when moving.

Set up your office

It is very important to know in advance which providers are in charge of telephone lines and the Internet before moving. As you know, without the phone and the Internet today it's like we're left without electricity. It's impossible to work. So keep this in mind and fix everything before you move in. If you don't, to manage your files and folders when moving will be the least of your problems. The companies that provide these services usually need a few days to go out on the field and get everything done.

Final touches

Once you sort out your files and pack it, make a plan where to put it, the rest is up to the moving company. You may just want to check some details. Make sure the elevator is working so you can move things more easily. Also, let your neighbors know that you are moving and apologize in advance if you make some noise. In this way, you will immediately get new friends and build good relationships. Maybe you will get some cooperation’s out of this and at least you'll be able to drink coffee later.

In the end, it’s all about good planning. Hiring a good moving company can help you out, but you need to sort out your documents on your own. So if you think in advance, you’ll be able to manage your files and folders when moving stress-free.

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