7 Essential Factors About Vein Treatment

Are you looking for varicose vein relief in desperation. It’s quite a daunting task given the incredible amount of information out there about spider veins, reticular veins, and varicose veins. Every clinic seems to be about the same on the surface, but it’s quite far from the truth.

The best vein treatment options are far and in between. There are several things to consider before making your decision about vein treatment in Edison NJ.  The importance of making the right decision cannot be underestimated. Choosing wisely requires some research!

This article highlights the 7 factors to consider in your vein treatment specialist.

#1-The Vein Doctor
The most important factor is the physician who will be managing your condition. A vein specialist should have expertise in the diagnosis and management of both simple and complex vein conditions. This includes patients presenting not only for cosmetic veins, but also symptoms consistent with venous insufficiency. On site venous ultrasonography is what separates the best vein center in Edison NJ from pop-up, run-of-the-mill spider vein treatment centers. A quality study is the most important factor in determining your health condition related to spider and varicose veins.
# 2 Board-certification
Besides experience, we trust vein doctors who possess board-certification in vascular medicine. This includes vascular surgery, cardiology and interventional radiology. These training programs provide the necessary exposure for the diagnosis and treatment of vein conditions. Do you really trust any doctor who’s training was less than an entire residency or fellowship? Unfortunately, vein treatment has no specific board certification and so it’s not uncommon to find less experienced doctors from various backgrounds including internal medicine, pain management, and family medicine performing vascular procedures.
#3 Hospital privileges
This one is simple! Hospitals only permit physicians with extensive backgrounds and experience to perform procedures at their facilities. The same cannot be said at your local vein center. So, we recommend asking your vein doctor whether or not they have privileges to perform procedures at any hospitals. If the answer is no, a little more research is required.
#4 Peer recognition
Top Doctor, Castle Connolly, NY Times, America’s Best Doctors are familiar ways to learn about peer recognized doctors. These physicians have earned the respect of their colleagues and are voted in annually.
#5 Minimally Invasive Procedures
Vein medicine has come of age and surgery is no longer required for vein treatment. Instead, the gold standard of treatment is now catheter based technologies including vein ablation and VenaSeal. With these treatments, the procedures are same-day in the office with minimal interruption of routine. In fact, most individuals can return back to their usual activities within 24 hours. Best part, there is no need for any anesthesia or fasting before a procedure. So have your coffee and come right in!
#6 The facilities
Don’t judge a book by its cover is true in most instances. However, with vein treatment, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of maintaining a clean and up to date look. Vein treatment centers engaged in keeping their practice modern will spend the extra dollars to re-invest in their technology and maintaining their site to the highest standards.
#7 Support Teams
The Vein Center should have friendly and attentive staff members. Your interactions should feel natural and put you at ease. Vein procedures can cause anxiety despite how minimalistic they are these days. As such, it’s important to have a team of supportive members who can help you navigate treatment from beginning to end.
In Summary
While this is not an exhaustive list, it helps set the foundation in finding yourself the right vein specialist center. As a final thought, remember your first impression is likely the most accurate. If you feel less than comfortable, it’s time to move on and find yourself a new specialist.

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