6 Best Features of Laksi Cart Products

6 Best Features of Laksi Cart Products

Laksi cart Inc stands for its quality and mainly the raw material which it chooses was the best in the market and here we are going to know about these raw materials and how it makes our product a best one.

Raw Material:

Out carts have high Durability and a strong wear tear capacity, because of the raw material cold rolled steel. The features of this particular metal give the core strength to the products

Powder Coating:

Powder coating is given to have a polished finish to our products. The main reason for this powder coating is to avoid easily getting rusted in the work area.

Nylon Inserts:

Durable nylons were chosen as moulds for their holders; they act as a secure cap and hold the tool safely in the socket to prevent it from any damage.

Castor Wheels:

The carts with wheels are made up of 16000lbs in order to withstand heavy loads and give a strong basement support. Wheels breaks are provided in out carts, in order to avoid mobility. (Swivel difference from front wheel and back). These types of castors were unique in our product, which helps to increase the lifetime of the cart in the tough working environment.

Nylon inserted nuts

Nylon inserted nuts resist loosening while the cart is being moved at regular intervals with heavy loads on it.

Peg Board:

Pegboards are available in some of our cart models and it is made in the way to easily spot out the tools for quicker access and to place the tools in the exact place after finishing of the tool work. It easily saves time and helps for longer tool life. Even if you want to customize the pegboard on the requested model, we are here to help you design your requirement.


All these raw materials were combining together and help us to deliver quality products to our customer. We also do customized products according to our customer requirements.

I hope you found useful in reading our blog!

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