Memeburn today released a brief but fun list of ways you can show your loved one how much you love him or her, while still indulging your YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook addictions:

I. Twitter – Turn your love into a trending topic: Face it, if you are a Twitter user, you know and love the hashtag (whether you want to admit it or not); so why not utilize that heretofore ignored symbol and tweet up a storm to turn the one you love into a topic that everyone else can weigh in on. It’s certainly better than reading more Lady Gaga post.

II. YouTube – Make a viral video: Think about it, by some stupid, human trick or foolish outpouring of love, you could transform your admiration into the next million plus hits, water cooler clip that we all obsess over. Nothing says you mean the world to me like ending up as Attack of the Show’s number one video of the day. Think of all the new fans you’ll gain as well, reaffirming your commitment to each other over and over and over again.

III. Facebook – Create A Fan Page: Seriously this one could not be easier; with a few minutes of time and effort, you can post photos and list all those sweet nothings the two of you have shared with one another while being judged as a worthy couple or not but the number of “likes” you garner.

IV. Wikipedia – Hacking Always Says I Love You: For the digital cowboys, hack the planet and transform perhaps the world’s largest encyclopedia into a compendium of love for your guy or gal; show people just how important your significant other is by connecting them to every major world event and person in history. Yes, they are just that awesome and here are all the different reasons why, from A to Z.

V. Flickr – Create a Valentine’s Day Gallery (Obviously!): It’s Valentine’s Day yet also Monday, you are at work, tired, annoyed at the emails stacked up in your inbox until you click on a Flickr notice. Intrigued, you click it open and are reminded that once you brave this eight hour exercise in clenched-teeth patience, you have a wonderful man or woman waiting for you by all the photos of the two of you together. The work day may still be awful but at least you will have something to help relieve the pressure.

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