5 Common App Development Mistakes

5 Common App Development Mistakes

The mobile app development process is no longer a complex and tiresome process. However, attaining perfection can be a difficult task. 

After all, we are only human. A tiny mistake can put your investment at risk. Mobile app development mistakes make you pay ten times over for your efforts.

Well, you’re not alone, we’ve been there too but, a good thing, we learned from our mistakes and we’re here to tell you what those were.

Poor UI/UX Build

While creating an app, we tend to get lost in the app development process and sometimes forget the users in the equation. Neglecting the user interface of an app can have serious repercussions. User experience is the key to success for any app and can make or break your app. Many times developers fail to put enough emphasis on this factor or sometimes try to experiment too much with the UI.

(source: buildfire)

There are some common rules that you will see followed on most websites and apps.  For example, the logo and the menu bar will mostly be on the top left of your screen. Users are used to this general rule of thumb that is followed by most applications, so when they do not find the logo or the menu bar on the top left side, they may find it difficult to navigate the app. This is an example of how sometimes simplicity and conventional designs can be beneficial when creating an app.

Before you launch an app, it is important to run a user acceptance test (UAT) to see how it functions on the mobile platform. Performing such tests can give you a good idea of whether your app provides a good user experience and how users would like to interact with it.

Too Many App Functions

One thing that you should keep in mind while creating your app is to avoid adding too many features to the app. Some of these features may never be used by users. More features can increase the size of your app and users may not want to keep such heavy apps on their phones. 

If your app tries to do too many things, it will lose its chief purpose for which it was made. Stuffing your app with too many functions and trying to make the app do too many things can result in the failure of the app. Statistics have shown that confused marketing does not survive the market in the long run.

So to prevent a situation in which your app does not make it, identify the main features that are necessary for your app and the purpose it serves. Then, add a few features that will make your app stand out and remove any other extra features.

Not Knowing What Users Want

This is a big mistake. You have a great app idea and you go and put your money into it without doing market research is not the best way to go. If you are creating an app that lacks a clear purpose, it may end up being a failure. It is necessary to test the market and conduct surveys about what features the users need in the app if they need it. That would validate your idea and give you confidence about a considerable user base.

Not Preparing for Updates

There is a misconception that app development ends when the app is launched. This, however, is untrue and is a common mistake that app developers may make. 

The development of an app is an ongoing process. No app is perfect when it is launched. It needs to be updated and made better and easier for users to use over time. 

Over time a new app may come out with a similar purpose but a better interface and you may lose your demographic. Improvements need to be made on a regular basis to keep your app up to date and in tune with the trends.

(source: buildfire)

It is also important to plan for these updates from the beginning. Taking it one day at a time is not always the best strategy. You must perceive the updates that need to be made in the future and prepare for it both in terms of the budget of the app as well as its functioning. 

Updates are necessary not only to improve user experience but to also eliminate bugs and remain compatible with the latest operating software on all devices. 

Selecting a Mobile App Development Company/Freelancer Without Enough Research

Before deciding upon a mobile app development team, you need to fix the budget, the platforms, the complexity, The domain of your app. Then, secondly, you should research and find out about the app development companies that fit the criteria of your mobile app. Giving your project to the right team of developers is crucial for your app development success.

Final Thoughts

There are many things that can go wrong while developing an app. The key is to find a good app development company In India that understands what you need.  If you have an idea for an app, contact usOur team of developers have more than 8 years of experience working on different app technologies.

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