5 Amazing Apps for Accounting Students

5 Amazing Apps for Accounting Students

Accounting is not particularly an easy subject, which is why students often require finance homework help to solve various problems relating to accounting. However, it is now getting a lot easier, thanks to the technological advancements. Now, you have the option to solve your accounting problems by using simple apps on your mobile phone. Herernare 5 apps that accounting students can use for their homework.

·  Accounting Calculator:As you may realize, the standard calculator does not meet the crucial accounting needs. This free apprnhelps you perform a number of calculations that the conventional calculator fails to provide. You can perform percentage calculations and also use its various functions to include and exclude tax to get the accurate results.

·   Mint Personal Finance and Money:

This app is usually used by the professionals to keep track of their personal finances, personal income as well as expenses. But students can also use this app to test their own skills. If they have a student loan, they can link the app to their loanrnand bank accounts to track their accounts. Email alerts can also be set using this app, which can remind you about the dues.

·  CurrencyGo:

The students of naccounting and finance often feel the need to use an up-to-date currency converter. And when you have an app for that, you can do the needful on the go.CurrencyGo has the latest currency conversion references that you can use when working on international accounting projects. Since the conversion rates are sourced from banks, you can trust the app to provide accurate results.

·  My Accounting Teacher:

The complex field of  accounting often requires more than the classroom lessons to solve a problem.The app My Accounting Teacher uses various definitions, examples and tutorial videos to help you understand the coursework. You can use the first two modules for free, which have nearly 45 minutes of content. You can use the additional module for 99 cents each.

· Becker’s Mobile App:

Students who are already eyeing for the CPA jobs can improve their knowledge and skills by using the Becker's app. The Becker's CPA Exam Review has always been considered as the standard in CPA review courses, and their mobile app makes it easier for you to manage your studies accordingly.

Since most of thesernapps are available for free, you don’t need to worry about any expenses, but can surely improve your skills and knowledge using them.

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