4 FAQs for Bathroom Remodeling in Manhattan, NYC

Bathroom is one of the most common and costly spaces to renovate in a home. A bath space moves away from being a merely functional private space to a room to relax in. Your bathroom remodeling in Manhattan starts with choosing the layout, color schemes and bathroom floors.

In fact, design is paramount in a NYC bathroom remodeling project. A bathroom design should combine all elements like beautiful layout and accessories to complement your home décor. If you are looking for inspirational ideals for bathroom renovation New York, please check out this post:

1. How do you know right bathroom design?

Choosing layouts is important for bathroom remodeling. So, you should focus on the site and the requirements for your family. You can start the process by doing a thorough check on the plumbing system and pipelines.

You should use the bathroom ideas that match the existing electric and plumbing points or make sure that they can be changed without much effort. You need to think about other fixed asset placements like the bathtub, sink, shower cubicle and toilet.

Do you have more than one bathroom? You can go for a bathtub in the master bath. This way, you can make sure that the other bathroom designs focus more on storage facilities. In addition to, you need to ensure that the toilet and shower cubicles are present at the great distance to get rid of wet mess or you can install floor to ceiling glass screens to create a barrier.

Please remember that, all of the bathroom design inspirations focus solely on the requirements of your family. If you have elderly people at home, you should avoid a step at the entrance and always have a wide door. Do you have kids? You should think about installing bathtubs.

2. What accessories and materials do you choose for beautiful bathroom décor?

When it comes to choosing bathroom floors, stone, granite and mosaic are the top choices. Nevertheless the type of floor you choose, it should bring in good aesthetic appeal and easy to maintain. You can get more ideas with these finishes.

You should choose a color scheme as per the mood you want the bathroom space to set. The dark jewel tones reflect luxury while soft pastels will add a lively feel to your bathroom.

Consider the lighting fixtures. Do you have windows? You can think about a bath or shower room under the natural light; if you don’t want. You should add lights on the either side to amplify the effects.

Your NYC bathroom remodeling deserves upgrading to new fixtures. You can add bathroom fixtures like shower heads, hand showers, multi-way jets and faucets that are available in different types of finishes. Choosing the right type will enhance the overall look, mood and experience in the bath space.

3. How do you add more bathroom storage?

If you want to have more storage space, bathroom furniture are better options to go for. You can include a bathroom vanity for additional storage. Vanities come in different size including oversized or double.

You need to match the style of vanity and finish to make sure your bathroom interiors fit effortlessly. If you are looking to maximize your bathroom space, you should buy wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and ladder shelving.

4. How do you decorate your bathroom?

No bathroom remodeling is done without adding the finishing touch and the same goes for bathroom décor. Any element can be used as a décor in the bathroom. You can add fixtures along with finishes that match the style of your bathroom design you are trying to create.

If you have additional counter space, you can consider adding some artwork or plant like bamboo or creeper. Take a look at the bathroom mirror designs available to elevate lighting and the overall look of the bathroom space.

Bottom Line – Whether you are looking for inspirational ideas to plan a bathroom remodeling in Manhattan, or a designer bathroom from scratch, you should look no further than MyHome Design + Remodeling. You can look through bathroom photos in different colors and styles for bathroom renovation in New York. For immediate help with bathroom remodeling in New York, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started! 

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