3 Simple Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Update Error

3 Simple Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Update Error

Errors can affect almost every operation in QuickBooks Desktop, and getting an error while updating QuickBooks is no surprise. Errors while updating QuickBooks Desktop is the most common type of issue that QuickBooks users face. These errors can show up because of problems with your internet connection, corruption in the program and company file, and many others. Further in this article, we will discuss why QuickBooks update error is the most frequently occurring issue and how being a user, you can counter it like an expert. Stick to this article until the end so that you can have all the info required to tackle issues that appear while downloading and installing the most recent QuickBooks Desktop updates.

Resolving QuickBooks Desktop update errors can sometimes require advanced troubleshooting to be performed, and users can contact QuickBooks support to get advanced troubleshooting assistance from certified QuickBooks Desktop experts

Reasons why you can’t Update QuickBooks Desktop

After deeply analyzing the issue, we have found the following reasons due to which QuickBooks Desktop struggles downloading the updates.

  1. If QuickBooks is having difficulties connecting to the internet or the update server.
  2. Restrictions imposed by your firewall can also prevent QuickBooks from downloading the updates.
  3. If there is a problem with the installation of your QuickBooks Desktop installation.

Let’s now try to fix the issues mentioned above so that you can get the latest updates of your QuickBooks Desktop installed.

Methods to Fix Issues Updating QuickBooks Desktop

Method 1: Verify and Fix Internet Connectivity Issues

  1. To verify if there are issues in the network connectivity, visit any safe website like Google.com and see if you can load it without any problems.
  2. If you can’t load the website or it is taking more time than usual, check for other programs that can consume your bandwidth and exit them. You can also try restarting your router and switching to a hard-wired connection to fix general internet issues.
  3. If none of the above helps fix the internet issues, contact your ISP for troubleshooting help and support.

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Method 2: Remove Restrictions Imposed by your Firewall on QuickBooks

  1. Go to the Control Panel and open the Firewall settings.
  2. Move to the Advanced Settings and configure incoming and outgoing ports for QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Also, add QuickBooks as a safe application in the firewall settings.
  4. Retry to download the updates and check if this solution helps fix the issue.

Method 3: Reinstall QuickBooks and Get Rid of any Possible Installation Errors

  1. Make sure to backup your company file before you reinstall QuickBooks.
  2. Now download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub, and from the Program Installation Issues tab, select QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
  3. Run the tool and, as instructed by it, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.

Check if the above solution helps you fix the QuickBooksupdate error. If not, you might be having some internal issues deep in the operating system that needs to be identified with specialized tools. For advanced troubleshooting help, you can reach QuickBooks Desktop technical support at QuickBooks direct helpline number +1-800-417-5147.

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