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Setting out to discover Chimborazo Summit and the larger Riobamba area is an experience that takes us deep into Ecuador’s history, nature and Andean geography. Where the Inca’s sacred quinoa is cultured and painting landscapes red, yellow, green and purple; where the Spanish first found occupied lands within today’s Ecuadorian province. In this blog post, we will learn reasons to visit Chimborazo. Let’s get started…

  1. Walk the placid town of Riobamba
Riobamba was ruined by a terrible earthquake in 1797, which made rebuilding the entire city farther east of its original site a necessity. Today, the city has grown tenfold. It is known as the city of firsts, since numerous Ecuadorian Firsts took place here, including the founding of the first professional soccer team, the first radio station, the first shelter project, and the first Olympic stadium, which welcomes you as you make it down the city’s main artery.

   2. Visit Balbanera Church
 It is probably Ecuador’s oldest church, built around the time Spanish conquistadores founded their first Spanish city, Santiago De Quito, upon defeating the Incas in a crucial battle. The church itself has been restored, but numerous of the original stone details remain. Set just athwart tremendous Colta Lake, and right along the train tracks, Balbanera is a must-visit.

     3. Mount to the refuge of Chimborazo and outside-
 Some 45 minutes north of Riobamba lays the parking lot of the Chimborazo refuge. Anyone can access the climb, although most will grab a hot chocolate at the refuge café and admire the spectacular view of the Volcano. You can also try and climb the summit. Opposite to the refuge entrance, also find a detour towards San Juan Canyon and its polyelpis forests, where spectacular views await.

These three places are the must-visit places in Chimborazo summit and if you are searching for the best tour operator for your help, consider hiring Sierra Nevada.

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