13 Tips That Will Make Your Move Easier

13 Tips That Will Make Your Move Easier

Whether you have moved many times or never before, you’re bound to make mistakes. A good thing about making mistakes is that they are great to learn from. Here are our best moving tips so you can avoid as many mistakes as possible throughout your moving process.

1. Choose plastic, not paper

Cardboard boxes are flimsy and susceptible to water damage. Protect your items by moving them in plastic bins. If you’re not interested in purchasing plastic bins, you can rent them from U-Haul instead.

2. If possible, put it in a space bag

Space Bags are great for moving. You can store anything from comforters to cardigans. If they’re too expensive for your budget, try this alternative method.

3. Use clothing to pad fragile items

Try wrapping breakables in clothing before you pack it in the box. If you’re not feeling this idea, drive to the nearest supermarket and take a stack of newspapers. Just don’t buy packing peanuts. They’re terrible for the environment!

4. Use furniture as storage

You can use drawers and cabinets instead of boxes. Just remember to buy some stretch wrap and seal your furniture before you load it into the van.

5. Color code your boxes

Buy one roll of colored duct tape for every room. Then, use that duct tape to seal the corresponding boxes. This hack makes for easy unloading and packing.

6. Pack your closet with trash bags and bungee cords

Instead of folding the clothes from your closet, stuff them into a trash bag while still on the hanger. Then, use a bungee cord to secure the bundle.

7. Pack an overnight bag

Before you put everything in plastic bins, set aside a change of clothes and your essential toiletries. Keep this bag for couple of days after your new move.

8. Sell on eBay or Craigslist

Use your move as an opportunity to purge. The more you purge, the less you have to move. Here is a checklist of items you might be able to get rid of. Start to list your valuable items at least six months before moving. If you sell enough, you can use the money to pay for local movers.

If you don’t have time to sell before you move, consider hiring a local junk removal company to help get rid of items that are unnecessary to move to your new home.

9. Donate to charity

Donate anything you aren’t able to sell to a local charity. You can claim the donation on next year’s income taxes.

10. Rent a bigger truck than you think you need

You have more stuff than you think you do. Order a moving van that’s one size bigger than you think you need. Or you can use a tool to estimate the size of your moving truck.

11. Hire movers instead of asking your friends

Moving companies are fast, and they usually offer insurance. They also save you and your friends from manual labor.

12. Transfer your utilities early

Transfer your gas and electric services at least thirty days before you move. These requests can take a while to process, so make sure you give the utility companies enough time.

13. Change your address

Visit the USPS website and forward your mail to your new address. This gives you six months to notify your employer, bank, etc. of your new address.

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