10 reasons to use a mortgage broker

10 reasons to use a mortgage broker

1. You will receive valuable advice for your finances. Mortgage brokers are autonomous and independent. We can help you obtain the financing you need, knowing the facts because we establish your objectives with you and refer to them to find the mortgage products you need.

2. Valuable time savings for you since you do all your transactions in the same place. So you can use all your time to find the house you want! We are in contact with a multitude of lenders, which promises you advantageous conditions. With a mortgage broker, everything is easier.

3. We negotiate for you. Many people are reluctant to negotiate directly with their bank, whereas for us it is our daily role. We know the market and we obtain competitive rates and very advantageous conditions.

4. We connect with a large network of lenders, giving you even more options to get a competitive rate. We are aware of what is happening in the market, both at the level of credit unions and trust companies and traditional lenders. If your down payment is less than 20%, we will help you overcome this drawback.

5. You get both the best terms and the best rates. Keep shopping even if everything has been approved by the lender. We will find the solution that meets your needs.

6. You have access to value-added offers since all financial institutions and banks are in competition to have you as a client. You might have access to loyalty points or special discounts, for example. We can help you determine which offer is best for you. Finally, you will have access to a multitude of benefits.

7. We work hard until your closing date. We make sure you complete your transaction on time and most importantly, we make sure you are satisfied.

8. We help you make informed choices about your financial health. Whether it's mortgage loans, the real estate market or your finances, we provide you with relevant, simple and accessible advice.

9. You pay nothing. All fees for mortgage transaction services are free. Our fees come from intermediaries like lenders. We do everything to very strict standards and we focus on YOUR satisfaction.

10. We have your back at all times. We are at your disposal, even if you have already signed your mortgage. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us! At all times, we will be happy to help you!

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