10 Best Resources for Web Design Inspiration

In a virtual realm created with templates and themes, creating a website that stands out from the rest is not that easy. A website has to be unique and created for a specific audience. It has to represent the brand. Most importantly, it has to meet the company’s objectives. 

Well, the truth is all this is easier said than done. Web designers often fall into creative block, repeating the same layouts and styles time after time. And how do they overcome this? They look for emerging web design inspirations. 

In this article, we have compiled some of the best resources for web design inspirations that web design companies in Australia refer to. Here you go: 

    1. Dribbble


When it comes to creative web designs, Dribbble is considered a top player. It is an online community that allows web designers to showcase their innovative side. It also serves as a creative avenue for those who want to share digital artworks. So, the next time you need to get your creative juices flowing, you know where to go: Dribbble.  

Do you want to upload your work on Dribbble? You may need to reach out to your friends on the network because the site works on an invite-only policy. 

    1. Awwwards


If you’ve been doing web development in the Central Coast, then you’ve probably heard about Awwwards. It's among the most recognised sources for web design ideas today. Browse through the different categories on the website, should you want your creative mind inspired.  

Now, if you feel like uploading your work here, feel free to do so. Who knows? You might be nominated for the mobile site of the year award. 

    1. SiteInspire


The web designs featured on SiteInspire are quite impressive. All the designs here are all truly beautiful with special mentions to major brands and small boutique businesses.  

What's great about SiteInspire is that you can use filters to find website design examples that are relevant to your business. You can also check the site’s gallery for new design trends. 

    1. CSS Design Awards


Another great source of web design inspiration is CSS Design Awards. As a web design and web development award platform, the site showcases a variety of studio, freelance, and agency works.  

CSS Design Awards may have a similar look and feel with Awwwards, but submissions here are quicker. Winners, who are selected based on UI, UX, and INN, are then awarded certificates and recognition from industry leaders. 

    1. Muzli


Want to discover the best website design trends today? Muzli is your go-to place. It instantly delivers cutting-edge designs every time a new tab is opened. It mines ideas from other web sources like Behance, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Dribbble. With an endless source, you will never run out of inspiration. 

Muzli has a website and a Google Chrome extension that features web design news, trends, and inspirations. Although the website can provide visitors with relevant design stories, many love the browser as it shows a collection of the greatest websites in just a click.  

    1. Crayon


Crayon is one of the best sources of web design inspirations today. If it’s your first time discovering it, then you’ll wonder where you have been all this time. 

As a comprehensive visual inspiration website, Crayon serves as a valuable resource for web developers, designers, and marketers as it helps spark ideas for their next ventures. Don’t worry because the website is easy to navigate. Even though it has over 35 million websites, there are highly responsive filters that allow you to easily find what you are looking for. 

    1. The Best Designs


The Best Designs is a site that highlights exciting and creative web designs. Like Dribbble, it showcases the online portfolio of many web designers and their contact information. This is helpful if you want to look at a web designer’s work before hiring him. 

All the designs featured on the website have been curated from designer submissions. This means all the web designs here are of the best quality. They have also passed the standards of the site’s moderators. 

    1. Abduzeedo


Need a daily dose of web design inspiration? Then visit Abduzeedo. This site allows you to stay in the loop for the latest web design trends. And when it comes to design inspirations, the sky is the limit on Abduzeedo. Here, you can also quickly and conveniently shift your personal design paradigm into other dimensions.  

Even more interesting, Abduzeedo isn’t just a source of ideas for web design. It also features a collection of photography and architecture designs. 

    1. Behance


Behance is created by Adobe, making it one of the largest and most creative communities today. Its detailed filtering options let you easily find what you are looking for, from the newest typography from the Land of the Rising Sun to the most trending user interface designs released in the United States. 

The site’s discover page makes it easy to navigate around massive amounts of design ideas. You can even toggle your search to a particular region or a specific time frame. For instance, you can search for the best web designs from the last month in Japan. 

    1. Brutalist Websites


In a world dominated by websites that need to generate money, many companies that offer web design in Central Coast always tend to find a breath of fresh air. They want to create websites that convert and promote interaction. They want to develop sites that offer a glimpse of the web with a touch of creativity. This is exactly what Brutalist Websites offers. 

Brutalist Websites is a go-to place for surprise. It's an open space for designers who do what they want and not do what they should. So, if you like seeing creative designs, then this is your cup of tea. 

Wrapping Up and Some Suggestions 

There are plenty of things that should be put together to improve a business’s online presence. Web design is just one. 

Now, if you do website design in Central Coast or in other places across Australia, then this list will come in handy. If you are a business owner, on the other hand, just entrust the entire web design process to a web design company in Australia and focus more on marketing your products and services. 

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