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How to fix AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the desktop?

Well, it’s quite natural to lose your cool when you open your desktop for an urgent mail and you are not able to locate AOL Desktop Gold icon. There is no need to panic because you will get the solution in this blog. First, you need to make sure that you have to download AOL Desktop Gold from the official website which fulfills the system requirement.

AOL Desktop Gold provide fast and amazing features one such feature is automatic update feature which can save your precious time and space too. There are some issues also which can accompany the product along with its features like unable to install AOL desktop Gold, unable to play certain games, connection and slow speed issue and missing AOL Desktop Gold icon.

Reasons and Methods to fix AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the desktop:

There can be many reasons for the disappearance of AOL Desktop Gold icon from the desktop:

  • Deleted  by mistake

  • Software Update

  • Due to Antivirus software

  • Hardware issue

The users have to suffer for the moment and are required to follow some quick solution provided step wise step:

Method 1: From AOL software- User can add AOL Desktop icon by opening the AOL software and following these step:

  • Open AOL software

  • Place mouse pointer over AOL icon which is in the dock

  • A pop menu will appear

  • Click on ‘Keep in the dock’

Method 2: Drag AOL icon to Dock- By following the below-mentioned step user can add AOL Desktop icon by dragging fromrnApplication:

  • Click on ‘Go’ menu from the toolbar of AOL software

  • Select ‘Application’

  • Locate AOL icon from the list

  • The user is required to drag the AOL icon to the dock to make it as a desktop shortcut

If the users are still not able to fix the missing icon issue then they are required to install AOL Desktop Gold by following the proper installation steps given in the website. For any other query related to this software, users can always get in touch with a support team who are available round the clock to resolve any kind of issue.

Source URL: http://www.aoldesktopgold.billspayroll.com/aol-gold-icon-remove/

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