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How to fix AOL, ATT and Yahoo mail not working on Android | Contact 844-787-7041

How to fix AOL, ATT and Yahoo mail not working on Android | Contact 844-787-7041

Date : 2018-08-28

Yahoo Email not working on Android


The introduction of Android as an operating system for mobile devices is a great boon for users across the world. Android is such a convenient platform that allows you to access everything from the browser to mails to music and movies without any complexity. But there are times when the users of emails like AOL, ATT, and Yahoo confront glitches in using them on their Android devices. If you are also the one looking for the fixture of emails not working on Android then you must consider this blog as your troubleshooting guide.

Fixing Yahoo! Mail not working on Android

Yahoo is one of the oldest known email services and is preferred due to its high trust and reliability. Although it is not much trouble users often face hassles while using it on an Android device. You can fix the trouble by –

  1. Check if your Yahoo account is active or not

  2. Update your Android

  3. Cross check the browser settings

  4. See if there is an uninterrupted connection

  5. Contact Yahoo mail tech support number

  6. Check if you are entering right username and password

  7. Confirm if your account has not been hacked

Fixing AOL Mail not working on Android

AOL Mail is one of the best email clients that is used by many people worldwide. You can access this email on browser, app and on a mobile device. Here is how to fix the glitch –

  1. Check for the internet connection

  2. Check if you are using the right credentials

  3. Do the configuration settings once again

  4. Dial AOL Mail customer support number

  5. Set POP 3 for incoming as 995, outgoing SMTP as 465

  6. Set incoming IMAP as 993, outgoing SMTP as 465

Fixing ATT Mail not working on Android

In the presence of many email services, ATT Mail is still considered at the best in class service. It allows you to send and receive emails at the fastest possible speed. You can also access a wide variety of features. If the mail is not working then –

  1. Make sure you have  high-speed network connectivity

  2. Restart your Android device

  3. Clear the browser cache, cookies, and history

  4. Disable any conflicting app installed on Android

  5. Recheck your POP3 and SMTP settings

  6. Get in touch with ATT Email customer support number

These were the basic troubleshooting steps that you can use to resolve the trouble of mail on your Android device. These solutions will also work if you are using an email application on your mobile phone. You can also connect with the experts by dialing customer support number that stays reachable round the clock.

Source URL: https://www.email-loginhelp.com/yahoo-mail-not-working-on-android.php

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How to access various email accounts? | Yahoo  login | AOL Login | ATT Login

How to access various email accounts? | Yahoo login | AOL Login | ATT Login

Date : 2018-09-10

Yahoo Email Login |  AOL Email Login | ATT Email Login

Is there any email service that does not have problems? Definitely not! There are millions of people who use emails to share information in the form of text, images, and videos with their known and unknown recipients. But as said earlier, there are general issues involved that the users encounter. And the main issue is of accessing their email accounts. In this blog, you will get to know about the procedure of accessing Yahoo email, ATT Email, and AOL Email. It is quite normal for a user to access more than one email account. So let’s have a look at the steps.

How can I access my Yahoo email account?

Many users rely upon Yahoo email for their personal and business tasks. It is an excellent email client with numerous features and makes the communication between individuals easier. You can get in touch with Yahoo email support or try these steps to access your Yahoo account –

  1. Head to the Yahoo home page via any web browser

  2. Enter your login information in appropriate fields

  3. Press on the sign in button

  4. Explore and access your emails from inbox

  5. Choose contacts to start emailing

How can I access my ATT email account?

ATT is the extensively used email across the world. With its endless list of features, users rarely confront hassles. There are many benefits of ATT email over another similar service. You can connect with ATT Email customer support if you are unable to access your account or try the mentioned procedure –

  1. From the browser of your choice, enter the URL of ATT website

  2. When reached the page, choose on email

  3. Type in your username and password

  4. Click on sign in to enter your account

  5. In case of inability, click on forget password link

How can I access my AOL email account?

AOL services are considered topmost in terms of speed and other matters too. But it is especially famous for its email service which has countless features to access. There are fewer troubles involved with this service but usually, users face difficulty in accessing their account. If you are also among them then contact AOL Email customer support or try the enlisted process –

  1. Open your web browser and go to AOL main page

  2. Click sign in from the upper left corner

  3. Type your email address and password

  4. Click sign in to access your account

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Source URL: https://www.email-loginhelp.com/how-to-access-aol-email-account.php

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Unable to send emails from various mail clients

Unable to send emails from various mail clients

Date : 2018-12-04

Att Email Login | Xfinity email login


Emails have become an inevitable part of everyones lives\r\nthese days. Whether it is formal or informal communication, users rely on\r\nemails as a fast and secure platform for information exchange. But there occur\r\nsome scenarios when the users fail in sending emails from their account. There\r\ncan be multiple reasons behind this problem but it is important to do some\r\ntroubleshooting so that the issue can be resolved without any delay.


In this post, some of the most popular and widely used email\r\nservices have been included. The issue of a problem sending emails is\r\nelaborated in detail for each email client. Users can refer this to their\r\nunderstanding.


Unable to send ATT Email


ATT Email is counted among the topmost email\r\nclients but at some point of times, users face the problem of sending emails.\r\nIf you are also among them, so you should try the given steps

  1. Sign out of your ATT Email and\r\n then again ATT email login .
  2. \r\n
  3. Check that the emails are not\r\n going into your spams folder
  4. \r\n
  5. Try to open your ATT account in\r\n a different web browser
  6. \r\n
  7. Clear your cookies and cache
  8. \r\n
  9. Enable JavaScript and ensure it\r\n is up to date
  10. \r\n
  11. Contact ATT Email customer\r\n support number
  12. \r\n

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Unable to send Skype Email


Skype allows users to connect with their peers\r\nvia video and voice calls. It is owned by Skype. Users can even utilize the\r\nfeature of text chats in this application. But some users face glitches in\r\nsending messages from Skype. To fix it, try the mentioned solution

  1. Check if the Skype servers are\r\n online
  2. \r\n
  3. Logout from Skype and then again\r\n Skype email login back after some time
  4. \r\n
  5. Under the manage account\r\n section, change the name of your Skype account
  6. \r\n
  7. Get in touch with Skype\r\n customer support
  8. \r\n
  9. You can also reset Skype from\r\n your computer settings
  10. \r\n
  11. Refresh and check Skype\r\n connection status
  12. \r\n

Unable to send XFINITY emails


XFINITY Email is a profound email service with\r\na huge customer base. There are multiple features and tools to access in this\r\nemail. But despite many advantages, users confront the problem of sending\r\nemails from XFINITY. If you have been through this, try the given steps

  1. Check your internet connection\r\n and if possible make it stable
  2. \r\n
  3. Make sure you are entering the\r\n right email address to send the mail
  4. \r\n
  5. Connect with XFINITY Email\r\n customer support
  6. \r\n
  7. Locate if there are corrupt\r\n attachments in the mail, remove them
  8. \r\n
  9. Use your XFINITY email on\r\n another device
  10. \r\n



Unable to send Verizon emails


Verizon email is popularly used across the\r\nglobe. It is a smart service which allows the users to send and receive emails\r\nat a fast pace. It has many attractive features. But the users encounter\r\ndifficulties in sending emails. To resolve it you can follow these

  1. If using Verizon on a mobile\r\n device, reconfigure the settings
  2. \r\n
  3. If using it on browser then\r\n update the browser
  4. \r\n
  5. Clear the cache, cookies, and\r\n history
  6. \r\n
  7. Recheck with the email address\r\n you are sending mail to
  8. \r\n



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\r\n\r\nSource Link :- Unable to send emails from various mail clients
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1-844-787-7041 Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail - AOL Help

1-844-787-7041 Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail - AOL Help

Date : 2019-01-02

 AOL Email login problem

AOL MAIL, a web-based email service provided by AOL (a division of Verizon Communications). This fantastic free web-based service is sometimes referred to as AIM – AOL instant messenger. However, Email services face certain technical glitches which can easily be resolved as AOL Email customer support is available 24 hours a day. But before reaching out to the problems in sending AOL Mail, have a glance at the stupendous features AOL Mail provides to its users.

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  1. It provides email attachment limit up to 25 MB.
  2. 250 GB of mailbox size.
  3. Supported protocols: POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.
  4. It provides a link to other services providers such as GMAIL and HOTMAIL.
  5. Spam and virus protection.
  6. Spell checking.

These were some astounding features of AOL MAIL. But nothing in this world is perfect, there are certain problems which cause hindrance in the smooth working of AOL MAIL services.

PROBLEMS IN AOL MAIL and their solutions:

  1. Sent folder contains emails that were not sent by the user- It is possible that your account is hacked or compromised. Nothing to worry, by changing the login ID and password the account can be secured from any kind of threat.
  2. Unable to send emails- Sometimes, the user can face a problem when he/she is not able to send emails. The user can follow the given troubleshooting steps and can get rid away of this problem. steps are as follows:

• Restart the computer.

• Use a different browser or update the old version of the existing one.

• Clear the browser cache.

• The user needs to disable pop-up blocking software.

• Disable the firewall by using McAfee internet security suite.

  1. Image challenges at the time of sending an email- If user faces an image challenge while sending emails, the user has to answer it correctly. If the challenge still persists, then the user must follow additional steps to secure the account.
  2. Images not showing for mail recipients:

• Enable rich text/HTML- If user faces a problem-related image not showing for mail recipients then enable rich text/HTML on the mail setting page. • Sending image as an attachment- Sometimes recipient is unable to see the image attachment, then the sender must download the image and again send it to the recipient. 

Though the above steps are enough to fix a problem while sending an AOL Mail but if the user still faces the crisis then he/she must contact the aol com login sign in support page, which is available 24X7. The customer support another option where the user can get his/her queries or problems resolved in a best and possible way. The AOL Mail customer support team comprising members with sound technical knowledge.

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Unable to access email (AOL, ATT, and Comcast)

Unable to access email (AOL, ATT, and Comcast)

Date : 2019-01-16

ATT Email Login  


Unable to access AT&T email login.

·         Check the Internet connection : You need to have a strong internet connection to access AT&T email so make sure that you have a steady flow of connectivity.

·         Issues with the email password : Make sure that the email you have provided is valid and in use. Check if the caps lock is on because it will prevent you from accessing your AT&T email.

Issues with the browser setting.


·         Try closing and reopening the browsers and try to log in again

·         Open the email in a different browser and see the difference.

·         Also, make sure to clear your caches and cookies because they might cause traffic which will get in the way of accessing your email.

·         Enable the JavaScript and disable any power tools or add-ons

·         Make sure that the Adobe reader on your system is in its latest update version.


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Unable to access AOL email login

Try these methods and steps below to troubleshoot email access problem in AOL.Before proceeding, try signing in again to make sure if you really can’t access your AOL email.


·         Try resetting your web setting : Open your chrome and click on the ‘more’ button and selecting ‘settings’. Now navigate to the bottom and click ‘advanced’ and reset the settings to their original defaults.

·         Use a different browser : If you are utilizing an old browser then it is time to update it to a newer one. Try using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

·         Check for password problems : You can reset a forgotten password online by going to the AOL sign-in page and entering your username. When you get directed to the next page, click on ‘I forgot my password’ and reset it.

·         You must clear the cache traffic on the browser : Open your browser and go to its settings and click on the browser history menu and select all caches and junk and delete it.

·         Enable your Java scripting : On your browser setting menu click on ‘privacy and security’ and then select ‘content setting’ and enable the Java feature

·         Now disable pop-ups and firewall : Sometimes by using security features like firewall, you may not be able to access your email. by disabling them you provided a better network connectivity.

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Email not working on iPhone – Verizon, AOL, ATT, Xfinity, Bellsouth

Email not working on iPhone – Verizon, AOL, ATT, Xfinity, Bellsouth

Date : 2019-02-05

                                   ATT email login

In this fast-moving technological era, life is running so fast that people don’t get time to meet so they communicate via either emails or calls. But emails are more of the professional and secure way of communication. People are using emails on various devices be it their desktop or smartphone like iPhone and etc. Using various emails on iPhone is easy but at times these can give you some really hard times. And if you suddenly notice that emails have stopped working on the iPhone due to some significant errors then you don’t need to hover around. This blog will help you and provide you with the elementary troubleshooting steps if you ever face with this trouble

The error can arise in any email service due to no internet connection, server error, the page or site not responding, username or password issues, etc. People tend to have email accounts on many different sites. Here you will come across solutions to some of them. Have a glance and start working to fix it.

How to resolve the error of Verizon mails not working on iPhone?

  1. Ensure that the outgoing and server settings are correct
  2. Disable the firewall and other security options.
  3. Update your iPhone and make sure that you have installed the recent system updates
  4. Make sure that you are using the correct login credentials

What to do if AOL email is not working on iPhone

  1. Reconnect your device with the data connection or Wi-Fi network
  2. Try to reset the network setting and if you are in roaming, then make sure that your data is enabled
  3. Delete the account from the iPhone and create a new account
  4. Put the phone in airplane mode or restart it and then try to log in
  5. Try to repair the operating system as there could be some internal error

How to Fix ATT email not responding on iPhone

  1. Try to send mails by any other device. If you achieve success, then there is some software issue or internal errors in the iPhone. Get it fixed
  2. Delete all the junk mails from the mail folder, and then see whether you are able to receive or send mails
  3. Log out of the account, and then sign back again after some time
  4. Make sure that the login credentials are appropriate

The ways to fix Xfinity emails not working on iPhone

  1. Navigate to the settings of the iPhone
  2. Go to the option of ‘Mail, Contacts, and calendars”
  3. Now click on the option of account and then on the outgoing server settings (SMTP). Now enter ‘’smpt.comcast.net’’ or tap on it if it is the previous configuration
  4. Change the password in the next step and save the changes.

How can you fix the issue of Bellsouth emails not working on iPhone

  1. Move to settings and then to mails, contacts, and calendars
  2. Click on the account and check the Bellsouth login credentials
  3. Verify the POP and SMTP settings. Make sure that incoming server settings are pop.att.yahoo.com and the outgoing server settings are smtp.att.yahoo.com
  4. Save the changes and let the device verify the settings

These are the ways by which you can recover or solve the issues of the following mails not working on iPhone. And if you come across any difficulty in any step, you can always reach out to the  Frontier email login support service and get their assistance.

Source url :-  Email not working on iPhone – Verizon, AOL, ATT, Xfinity, Bellsouth

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Troubleshoot Common login issues in Aol, ATT ,bellsouth

Troubleshoot Common login issues in Aol, ATT ,bellsouth

Date : 2019-02-20

Login errors have been quite common and almost thousands of users generally face with them. Sometimes it happens due to the carelessness of the user or sometimes there can be serious issues. But, no matter what, these errors can be rectified by employing some elementary troubleshooting methods. The email services have been recognized and widely used to formulate/ compose and send emails to recipients across the globe. Since millions of people indulge in the email sites, using it for personal or professional use, so the login errors can occur at any time. This blog will help you to resolve such errors, especially if you are an AOL, Bellsouth, ATT, and Xfinity email users. You can also apply some general methods to other email services as well. The main thing that would vary is IMAP, SMTP, and POP settings and configuration.


Not able to access ATT email

1.       You must check the port settings first if you are unable to login via ATT email.

2.       POP 3 Incoming mail server settings (inbound.att.net) (port 995)

3.       POP 3 Outgoing mail server settings SMTP (outbound.net.att) (port 465)             

4.       IMAP incoming mail server settings (imap.mail.att.net) (port 993)

5.       IMAP SMTP outgoing mail server settings (smtp.mail.att.net) (port 465 or 587)

6.       Try login in from another web browser or any other device

7.       Make sure that the javascript is enabled

8.       For password-related queries, implement the basic troubleshooting methods that you will employ when you forget a password

9.       Ensure that you have cleared the web browser’s cache, cookies, and history

10.   Make sure that the firewall settings have been disabled

11.   Run an anti-virus scanner in the device to look for virus or malware

These recommended steps will surely help you to fix the ATT login errors. And if trying these given steps, anytime in the future you again face with some and you feel like you need technical help. Then you can engage with ATT email customer support number anytime you wish, as the number remains accessible 24X7.

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Resolve login errors in AOL email

1.       Try using a different web browser other than Internet Explorer. Update the browser settings if they have been outdated.

2.       Delete all the browser’s caches, history, and cookies. For that go to settings and choose the browser history menu.

3.       Reset the web settings. Go to Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser that you are using. Click on settings and then on advanced. Now reset the settings back to original defaults

4.       Make sure that the device is securely connected to the internet and there are no interruptions

5.       Disable the firewall settings and any other pop-ups or programs that are blocking the access

6.       Go to browser setting menu and then choose the option of ‘privacy and security’. From that select the content settings to enable the Java feature or java scripting

7.       For password related issues, make sure that the caps lock setting is accurate. If the password is shown incorrect, then click on ‘Forgot password’, and reset it by using any desirable method provided.

8.       Check the IMAP and SMTP settings

9.       Sometimes, there can be a server error or the site may be down. Try after some time.

Solve login errors in Bellsouth email

1.       Disable the Wi-Fi connection. Switch off the router or try some internet troubleshooting steps if connectivity is the main issue

2.       You can also open Bellsouth email via AT&T email service on Yahoo. You need to enter your Bellsouth login credentials.

3.       Delete the cookies, cache, and history of the web browser that you are using.

4.       Check the incoming and the outgoing server settings

5.       Sometime, carelessly or entering incorrect login credentials in a haste can also cause this issue.

6.       Check for Nums Lock, Caps lock or special character error in password

7.       Restart the system and try logging in after some time

And if these steps, do not prove to be effective, then just without wasting any time, consult the mavens at Bellsouth email customer service.


How to fix the login error in Xfinity email ?

1.       When you are facing login errors in Xfinity email, you must first configure the following server.

2.       Incoming Mail Server Name- imap.xfinity.net

3.       Outgoing Mail Server Name- smtp.xfinity.net

4.       Incoming Mail Server Port Number- 993

5.       SSL- On

6.       Outgoing Mail server port number- 587(SMTP)

7.       Check the web browser settings and update them

8.       You can use the Webmail

9.       Verify the internet settings

10.   Delete the browser’s cookies and caches or try signing in from a different web browser

11.   For username related issues, you need to go to the account settings and do the basic troubleshooting methods as required and as prompted

12.   For password related troubles, first check, that you are entering the correct password. You can enable the view option.

13.   If you have forgotten the password, then you need to change it with the help of any one option that you desire. It could be via registered email, phone number or by answering a security question.

These methods will surely help you to resolve the Xfinity login error. If you are stuck at any step or is not able to configure the IMAP or SMTP settings, then you can ask for technical help from the professionals at Xfinity email customer service. The techies are available at your service 24 hours around the clock

Source url :-  Fix login errors in ATT

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Solved: Email not working Xfinity Help 

Date : 2019-04-26

Xfinity email login

If you are a Comcast Email user and dealing with Email not working issue. Then, by using some troubleshooting techniques, you can get rid of this problem. In this blog, you will see all the techniques which are helpful in any issue related to Comcast email. To get more information, you can call on Xfinity Comcast customer support number.


Steps to fix Comcast email login not working issue

Restart your computer and router : This is the most basic and working technique, which everyone applies. Put your computer on the restart and unplug the router with the power supply. When the computer starts, start the router also and connect your computer with the router network. To ensure the good internet connection, try to open another website on a web browser. If you are not connected to the internet, then click on Network icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop screen. Then select the Xfinity Network and click on connect.

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Check the Comcast router and modem connection : Ensure that the router and modem are connected properly. Ensure that the wires are not lost and they are inserted in right ports. If you are unsure about the ports, then read the Xfinity equipment manual. Verify that, there are no pending bills available and your internet connection is on. Also remember that the server of the network occasionally go down. In that case, call your cable operator.

Current email settings :Ensure that, there is not a problem with your Xfinity email settings. To check the settings, open Outlook, Click "File" on the main menu, choose "Account Settings," and then select "Account Settings" again. Click your Comcast email account, and then choose to "Change".

Email account configuration :When the Email account settings are correct. Then check the Email account configuration.

Enter the full Comcast email address in the email address field.

The incoming server should be ‘imap.comcast.net’.

The outgoing server should be ‘smtp.comcast.net’.

The incoming and outgoing email port should be set on 993 and 587 respectively.

Don’t forget to turn SSL encryption on.

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These were the basic as well as advanced troubleshooting steps to fix Xfinity Comcast email issues. If these steps don’t work, then contact with Xfinity Comcast customer support number. You will get the assistance of professional techies on this number, and they will give you the best possible solution to your problem.

Source url :- Xfinity Email not working

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