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Get the Best Security Guard Services Lancaster

Get the Best Security Guard Services Lancaster

Date : 2021-12-17

We have seen that the best security guards Lancaster is around midnight when the control room called the officer to inform him that the alarm had activated again at the previous client site and that he should proceed to check it out. He turned around and returned to the client site, contemplating how long this night would be. When he arrived, he encountered the same situation, as the structure appeared secure. He quickly exited his vehicle and approached the door for a physical examination. Pushing on the door verified that it remained locked, and his torch revealed no evidence of intruders. As he re-entered his vehicle, he radioed through that it appeared to be a false alarm activation due to the fact that nothing had changed. Control acknowledged his presence and escorted him away from the site. At approximately 0200, the mobile guard received another radio call from control informing him that the same alarm had activated again and requested that he proceed to investigate. He advised them that the alarm was a false one and that they should disregard it. He returned to the scene in response to the alarm. Nothing had changed, and he desired to clear this location in order to avoid being run over. He reached out with his arm to push the door open as he walked quickly to the front door. This is why American Global Security is known as the best security guard company in Lancaster.

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