Air Rover, Inc.

We are a manufacturer of Environmental Control Units (ECUs).  Our skid-mount ECUs are ideal for cooling temporary tents or shelters (i.e. in support of disaster recovery efforts).  Our stand-alone wall-mount HVAC Systems are ideal for cooling satellite antenna systems (antenna hubs) and telecommunications buildings (data centers).  We also manufacture Commercial Portable Air Conditioning Systems, and Custom HVAC Systems. 

Industrial Process Air Conditioning

Industrial process air-conditioning units, which are distinct from commercial and residential air conditioning, provide comfort cooling for operators and protect process equipment. This end-use is often used when ambient temperatures approach 200°F (93°C) and corrosive conditions exist. 

SATCOM and Telecom 

Integrated HVAC Systems for Satellite and Telecommunications Systems (i.e. antenna hubs, data centers).  We manufacture Environmental Control Units (ECUs), integrated HVAC Systems, Commercial Portable Air Conditioning Systems, and Custom HVAC Systems. 

Our stand-alone HVAC Systems are mounted to antenna systems around the world to cool electronics found inside the hubs & pedestals.  Our telecom/satcom customers include VIASAT, CPII and Georgia Tech.  Air Rover ECUs are deployed throughout the world, in remote locations because they last 15 years, or longer, and rarely break down.  We also manufacture wall-mount ECUs for telecom buildings (i.e. data centers).   


Air Rover, Inc. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high reliability air conditioning products. The Air Rover Extended Life Portable (XLP) Series is the ideal solution for energy efficient cooling in IT data centers, offices, clean rooms, manufacturing plants, process facilities, hospitals, schools and more.  Designed with convenience in mind, these products features remote operation, easy portability, and simple installation.  Available in cooling capacities from 14,000 BTU/Hr to 120,000 BTU/Hr, XLP provides supplemental, after-hours, emergency or temporary cooling for a variety of purposes including Known for their extended life, 25-year-old Air Rover portables cool our Texas manufacturing plant today. With a proven, 30+ year heritage in high reliability HVAC portable products for a wide variety of applications, Air Rover continues to lead the way through technological innovation. 

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