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Heating and Cooling Shelby Township MI

Air Conditioning Repair Shelby Township MI is a service that our company provides too. We have our air conditioning tech come out to your house or commercial building to run some diagnostics and to make sure that the unit is running efficiently, because if it’s not then we want to get it to start running the way it’s supposed to. We don’t want you putting your money to waste paying for your bills when it’s not even doing its job correctly and effectively.  As soon as you call our company Hunters Heating and Cooling our dispatcher will make sure that he asks you the right questions to get some answers, the answers he needs so he can get an idea of what is going on with the ac unit system. So, he can send out the right tech. All of our trucks are fully equipped with 90% of the most common parts that usually break. So, if you find yourself needing our service know that there’s a 90% chance, we have the part and if we don’t, we will be able to get it.

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